An LOA Success Story: Manifesting a House


Lady Awesomesauce strikes again. I’m so excited  to introduce Mary Carol Moran’s new blog, where she writes about the Law of Attraction from a spiritual perspective.  Check out her first post today, about the difference between asking and attracting, at

Today’s post by Mary Carol so perfectly illustrates how the Universe knows exactly what we want, often better than we do, and how the Law of Attraction is always striving to bring us what we REALLY want. We just have to allow it. Here’s Mary Carol: 

Houses have always been a big deal for me. I’ve moved over 40 times in my 61 years. I’ve beaten myself up for moving. I’ve accepted that I’m a vagabond. I’ve identified with a paternal grandfather who moved a lot too. I’ve forced myself to stay put to the point of panic attacks. I’ve stopped buying houses. I never figured it out. The longest I’ve managed to live in one house is three years, and it was a struggle.

I moved into the house I’m in now thinking, “Okay, I’ll stay a year and figure out what’s really going on with all the moving.” It was like the house gave me a year off to relax and meditate in peace. Thank you house! Ten months in, I’m moving again. Failure? I don’t think so.

I’ve figured out a few things

When I was very little, my parents fought. I would hide in a closet to avoid the angry voices. My two-year-old self felt that the walls protected me. I’ve been looking for walls that could protect me ever since, but of course they can’t. I move into a new house with the false hope of emotional boundaries, and move on when it doesn’t work.

I was born to parents in crisis, probably about to divorce. My conception changed their plans, and they stayed together until they each died. But it wasn’t a happy marriage. So I was born to two people who more or less would rather I hadn’t been conceived. They were both good people with enormous holes in their psyches, holes they couldn’t seem to help each other fill and that I couldn’t fill for either of them. (We can only ever fill our own holes.) The roots I might have put down into a loving family didn’t happen. I never grounded, so to speak. In a sense I was born homeless, and ever since, I’ve been a homeless person who happens to live temporarily in a house.

All of which sounds like a sob story – sorry! – but it isn’t. Being rootless has given me wings. I can be a soaring dragon, a fire spirit. I connect to my Soul and live in joy, pretty much all the time. Life is awesome!

But back to the house

I’ve been visualizing the home I truly wanted. It was open and breezy with a big garden. I looked and looked, knowing that this kind of house pretty much doesn’t exist in the city of Colima, Mexico, where I live. A couple of weeks ago, I put a paper at the head and foot of my bed that reads, “I live in nature with trees and grass.” And I kept looking. I also tried to appreciate the best aspects of the house I’m in now, which is lovely but very concrete-y.

Yesterday morning, I had a big breakthrough on an entirely different project, a book I’m starting to write. It was a glorious, high energy, vibrating-with-the-angels sort of moment.

And then it was like the blast of energy opened a door. Out of habit, I looked on the Internet at houses to rent and found a new one. It was in a neighborhood that I like, the house not exactly what I wanted but possible. I dislike phoning in Spanish, but I did it anyway, persevering until I connected with the realtor. We arranged to meet and see the house. I saw it, liked it, rented it, went home, posted pictures for friends and family, and started questioning myself.

OMG, what have I done?!

I woke up this morning with an OMG, what have I done? This isn’t the house of my dreams! Have I sold out? Then I relaxed and pondered. Two cups of coffee, browsing the Internet, relaxing and pondering. What I realized is that the LOA has worked perfectly. PERFECTLY! It brought me not the house of my dreams, but the house I truly want and am ready for. I’m in awe of how I attracted something so much better than my visualization.

Even better than what I thought I wanted

The dream house was kind of shabby, more like a tree house or a shack. I told myself I could live with that to be close to nature. The real house is a lovely gem, nicely finished, next door to a small park with two giant trees and a half block from a bigger park with lots more giant trees. The dream house was tiny but expensive. Land here costs a lot. The real house has plenty of room for friends and family to visit, and costs about what I’m paying now, totally affordable! The real house even has an amazing kitchen, where I had imagined myself making do in something fairly primitive. I had an underlying twinge about transportation, and the real house is one block from the largest taxi stand in Colima. I’ve been wanting to get back into yoga, though I didn’t see exactly how that fit into the dream house. The real house has a two-car garage that will make an excellent yoga studio.

Instead of the real house being a sell-out of my dream, the dream house wasn’t dreaming big enough! The house of my dreams was limited by what I thought I could get. The real house is what was out there all along, right around the corner, waiting for me to muster up the energy to match it.

So what is the take-away from all this?

First, it does pay off to put in the meditating time, the relaxing time, to let old issues surface and clarify. Until I sorted out the walls thing and the roots thing, I couldn’t manifest the awesome house thing!

Second, putting words on a wall is a good way to clarify your desires. I plan to write a post detailing this process one day soon. You don’t need to get the desire right the first time. Just keep refining and refining, changing the words as the image clears.

Third, keep looking. Magic doesn’t always just appear. I was actively looking for a house when the right one found me.

Last and most important, trust the Law of Attraction! If you release and let the energy flow, say thank you for what you already have, and keep your eyes open to all possible versions of awesome, you will soon be surrounded by more abundance than you could even imagine.

Do you have a story of wishes fulfilled, perhaps even better than you imagined? Do you have a question, or a suggestion? As always, I look forward to your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. Warm fuzzy puppy hugs to all!

Mary Carol

Mary Carol Moran lives in Mexico, where she spreads love and awareness and poetry. She spends her mornings volunteering at the city animal shelter for dog and cats. Her latest project is her new blog she explores the spiritual aspects of the Law of Attraction.

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  • Avatar Nathalie says:

    That’s awesome, Mary Carol! Congratulations on your new house! It sounds like it’s perfect for you! I’m going to have to try the words on walls thing. I’m at the point now where I really want to find a new house with more space and light. I’m trying to focus on that (what I want) rather than on the how’s of it (“how in all heck am I possibly going to afford a new house?”).

    Going to go check out your new blog now… 😉

    • Hi Nathalie,

      Thanks! The words on walls thing really works! All of my first three manifested in a week. “I connect” – I met an incredible person and we connected at a life-long level immediately. “I am light in Body and Soul” – I’m on a cloud, and losing weight as a bonus. And of course the house. I’ve left all three up since they are really meta-goals, and added a fourth that’s more on a practical level.

      Put up what you think you want, and let it evolve. I change the papers the minute I feel a shift toward more clarity. Ask yourself how you’ll feel in the new house, and then write the feeling on the wall. For example, if the house will make you feel secure, write “I feel secure.” Have fun with it!

      Thanks for writing, Nathalie! Warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Mary Carol,

    Congratulations on your new house and lively new blog! I love the new blog! I love referring to masters and their take on things. I would live to read more about the words on walls, as I need an exercise like that myself.

    Thank you for sharing this truly inspiring story. I’ve had similar occurrences when i was looking for the right apartment which had to be airy with a lot of light. I looked and looked, moved in to a not so nice apartment with a crazy landlord who asked me to leave because i walked around after midnight(i lived above him). But the best apartment for me cane by accident, through word of mouth which my mom told me about.

    The universe always delivers. We just have to be open to the possibilities.

    • Thanks Kat!

      I hope people can see the comment button on the new blog. It’s kind of tiny, but it’s there! I’ll write up the words on walls post when I get back from holidays, promise.

      You are so right that the Universe delivers. More and more, I think that what we want is always here. We just need to open ourselves to seeing and appreciating abundance in all its forms.

      Thanks for joining the conversation, Kat. Big smoochy hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Laura says:

    First…Congratulations MC on your new digs. Very exciting. My family moved quite a bit when I was a kid. But not as much as all that. Geez, all that uprooting not just yourself, which is of course is physically easy, but to pack and unpack so much is very exhausting, physically and energetically. I used to look forward to moving as a child, new stuff, new places, new people always felt exciting to me but when I moved and re-moved as an adult, ugh. Not so much.

    Anyway, just to be clear…the house you saw in your visualizing? That was the shack? Not the actual house you found right?

    Thinking your answer is yes to this, I’m wondering then about specifics. From what you’re saying, absolute specifics isn’t so important then? I mean listening to certain ppl talk about manifesting, it’s said that picturing it perfectly is important down to the last and least detail. This has paralyzed me in the past. I mean I have ideas of what I want in a house, but the exact everything eludes me. In fact, what about things that I consciously don’t know exist, right? I could want something I don’t realize I do, until I see it.

    As you said the universe knows what you want/need, more so than you yourself does, yes, but I wonder if there’s not a subconscious factor as well, or if that’s truly what delivers our desires to us…not necessarily the universe.

    Since you wrote down that you wanted to live in nature, then shouldn’t the universe supplied maybe a sleeping bag or just an empty grassy field surrounded by trees?

    Instead you found a much nicer place than what you “said” you’d settle for. So I’m wondering if you weren’t really thinking deep down inside that, “No, that’s not good enough, I really want something better.” But you didn’t realize consciously you were thinking it. But your subconscious (which you weren’t completely aware of) knew full well.

    In addition: It also struck me strange and I mean no disrespect here…that someone who is so conscious about the protection of walls, would simply ask for living in nature. Couldn’t this be construed as wanting to live in the wide open with no shelter?

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for writing and asking some thought-provoking questions. I’ll try to cover all your points, so this is going to be a long response…

      First I should state that I don’t consider myself an LoA guru. I’ve been immersed in Taoism for over 40 years, and lots of LoA stuff resonates with these beliefs. I’m more into attracting wisdom and light than into attracting things.

      I feel as though from moving as a child, I learned to make friends quickly and easily. I’ve always been open to new friendships, and thank those early years, though uprooting seemed hard at the time. You’re right that as I get older, moving the stuff gets more and more bothersome. My answer has been to have less and less stuff. I moved to Mexico with what fit in the back of a small pickup truck. I’ve accumulated a little more, but it’ll still move easily.

      A side note on moving, which actually applies LoA, is the idea of manifesting help. I’m set up now so the gardener is going to rent the truck and move everything, then put in some new grass. Gardener sounds fancy – he spends about half an hour every two weeks on my house! When I mentioned moving, he offered to take care of everything, even putting up the ceiling fans. Whew!

      To your question about specifics: I think the LoA gurus are trying to get you to feel as though you already have whatever it is. If imagining exactly what your new kitchen will look like gets you excited and contented, then by all means figure out where the spoons go. But if going into detail stresses you, just relax and imagine the part you’re happiest with. Maybe you’re sitting in a favorite chair in your new place, looking out at a lovely view, sipping a cup of coffee.

      You won’t get paralyzed when you realize that ALL the LoA can read is your emotion. It doesn’t know a wood floor from a tile floor, but it feels the vibration of your feet feeling delicious. So imagine whatever makes you feel positively scrumptious!

      Your point about the Universe handing me a sleeping bag is a good one. I did get the opportunity to go camping the same weekend I found the new house. Interesting, huh? I chose not to camp, because I really like sleeping in my bed. The Universe mirrored back to me a house with what I really wanted, nature and comfort at the same time. Yeah!

      You ask about what role the subconscious plays in all this, and that feels like a huge subject for its own post. Sorry for ducking it at the moment, but I don’t have a short answer. You’ve given me something to mull over.

      Your question about walls isn’t disrespectful at all. When I ‘got’ that I had believed that the walls could protect me emotionally, and I saw how that just doesn’t work, I let go of the desire for walls. It could be that my emotions swung in the opposite direction, toward no walls at all. Wow, you just gave me an aha! A couple of days ago a friend gave me a lot at the beach – no walls at all! It’s an incredible manifestation – a beach lot in Mexico! – and you just showed me how it fits perfectly with my desire. Thank you, Laura! Thank you, LoA!

      Wishing you happy stress-free visualizations! Warm sunny hugs!

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Laura says:

        Thank YOU MC. I love that I could help. Love the thought provoking post and I like to ask thought provoking questions as much for myself as for the person I’m asking. Love that you had insight and aha moments. This is the kind of stuff and you are the kind of people that make life so freakin’ interesting.

        No problem on “ducking” the subject of the subconscious. I don’t interpret your answer as doing that anyway. It’s a big topic and lots to think about. That was really my intention anyway, but wanted to see what you thought. Looking forward to an article on it if you become inspired at some point to do so.

        Oh and a beach lot in Mexico…sounds fabulous, divine and like paradise. Maybe both? 🙂

        Hugs and Thanx again.

  • Avatar Roxanne Cottell says:

    I am sure that the reason that some things never materialize is totally because there is something always better and more suitable for us. We are given examples of things that might look like what we want, but those things are not really what we want but are more sort of a concept of what we want, and this boils down to even the very most important things like life mates…which is a lesson I have been learning these last few months. I might think I know what I want, and in reality I do, but the Universe has someone SO Much more right for me than what I thought was the person that even though it is with a little sadness that I say it, the one I thought was the one is so not the one, but the one I thought was the one was an example of part of how I would like the one to be…make sense? LOL…ROX

    • Hi Rox,

      You’ve expressed it exactly. The Universe gives us what we think we want at the time, and then gives us endless opportunities to refine and refine our desires. My guess with the life partner is that when you feel love and appreciation for the best qualities of the partner you are no longer with, the Universe will bring you a new partner with these excellent qualities and more. If you focus on the old partner’s shortcomings, you are only asking for more of the same again.

      You might try putting the qualities you love most on papers on the wall around your bed. With a little time, you can clarify these qualities, going through pieces of paper instead of partners! Hee hee.

      Huge hugs and best wishes,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Wow, Rox and MC, very good points above! MC, some of us have to experience the partners, though, for some reason:-)

    I guess we really need to focus on what makes us happy, at least at the time, and fine tune it later on, and the universe keeps delivering. So, physical is a plane where we try out and do things and the universe picks up on vibes and answers accordingly. This goes on all throughout physical, because in the ether there is bliss anyway. Thanks for the insight!

    • Hi Kat and Rox, and Everybody Else,

      The papers instead of partners was a joke, sort of…

      For lack of a better word, I feel as if my Soul has a lot of curiosity about every little experience. Curiosity isn’t the right word, but it’s clear that the experience is the thing. This fits right in with using emotions as a guide to abundance. Singing in the rain is happy. The song itself isn’t ‘happy,’ the rain isn’t ‘happy,’ but our emotion, our joy, our vibration, is happy, and this is what the Soul relishes and amplifies.

      I hope you are all loving this discussion as much as I am. You readers rock!

      Hugs to all,


  • Avatar Kat says:

    I love all these discussions! They make me see things as I’ve truly felt them and remind myself of that because, in the frenzy of modern life, the way it has evolved anyway, some of us tend to forget and fall in the pit of despair.

    And MC, I totally got the joke. Haha. 🙂

    • Avatar Laura says:

      MC- I got that joke right away. I lol and thought to myself, “Yeah, paper will never break your heart.” (Coming from my own fairly recent broken heart,)

      And yeah, I agree Kat, I love all these discussions. Even when I don’t comment. I love hearing other ppl’s thoughts and perspectives. I learn a lot here.

    • Hi Kat,

      I love these conversations too. Bouncing ideas around is fun! I find it boosts my vibration, too. I just went and lay down for a few minutes, and a big recognition came through.

      I realized that I have expectations of my family, and that’s not helpful. Unconditional love doesn’t have expectations, and I can let these go and feel much better! Appreciating what people DO feels so much better than resenting what they don’t do. Don’t you love the way family pushes the buttons the way nobody else can, and lets you find and release all the little scraps of resistance?

      Without the energy of this lovely conversation and the one on my blog, I might have stayed stuck here for awhile longer. Wow! Giant thank you to you all!

      Hugs and more,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar curious :) says:

    Hi Mary Carol! I loved your post and am so happy for you! Following up on Roxanne’s question, I understand that we’re supposed to feel good and know that the Universe is bringing us the right person (even better than the person we thought was the right person). But how do you recommend balancing constant reminders of our desire (notes around our bed) with letting go/dropping the agenda?

    • Hi Curious!

      (Is your last name George? Sorry, couldn’t resist – early morning giggles.)

      That’s an excellent question, and brings to mind an example that may clarify the concept a bit. Let’s say you put on your wall “sense of humor,” meaning you want a partner with a sense of humor. But this reminds you of the lack of this person, and doesn’t feel so great. Besides, it’s limiting. There may be a wonderful person out there who isn’t known for a sense of humor.

      In the morning you wake up with an aha moment: change the paper to “I laugh.” This is fun, it feels good, and it doesn’t put an expectation on someone you haven’t even met. You will bring more laughter into your life, and your chances of meeting (or recognizing) a partner who makes you laugh just skyrocketed.

      Try to do the same thing with each of the other qualities you want. Put them purely in terms of how you feel, with no expectation that the other person will somehow make you feel this way (they can’t).

      There have been a lot of questions about this technique. I’ll put this example and others into a post very soon. It’s a great technique and it really works. The best thing is that you don’t need to get it right the first try. Just keep changing out the papers until it feels exhilarating. Thanks for asking for clarification.

      Laughing hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar patricia says:

    Great manifesting story Mary Carol. Thank you for sharing.

    It was a good spot to start reading blogs again after my – little surgery turned into a big surgery, but I manifested relief at the right moment…and when I could not sit for long on a chair or ball afterwards, I gave myself a wee healing vacation….I went on a house tour yesterday, of energy efficient homes for sale…1 of the 9 met my expectations and was truly energy efficient and stunning. Even the flower arrangements were perfect…

    It renewed my thinking about housing and made me feel happy that there was at least one builder working on the future in a real and tangible way. He even repeated my mantra back to me -“People have to see that energy efficient futuristic homes can feel like home and not just some modernistic unrealistic structure.”

    He was even interested in having a follow up discussion about a LIVING BUILDING in our community…
    houses can connect us too..

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’m so glad that you are recovering well from the surgery. How cool that you manifested a house to tour too! Thinking in such a positive way about the house will bring side benefits too. Positive thinking attracts more positives into your life.

      Thanks for sharing your story. Hugs!

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Nicky says:

    Hi Mary,

    Just a quick question, when you visualise, do you visualise a house you can afford?

    • Hi Nicky,

      That’s an interesting question. Hmmm… makes me think. Yeah, I think I did visualize about what I could afford, or at least in the realm of possibility. I’d love to live in a hacienda, but between the initial cost and the upkeep and the rattling around because it’s so huge, it doesn’t seem practical at all.

      Thanks for making me ponder… I guess for me it’s more about qualities like light and air and greenery, and having money left over to enjoy other things. Part of my dream is not to be house poor. So part of the fun of finding the excellent house, where I’m now living, is that it’s also well within budget.

      Isn’t it amazing the way the Universe gets it right!


      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Nicky says:

    thank for clarifyin this for me. i have been doing this all wrong then. My dream house is one i cant afford :). Back to the creative drawing board i guess

    • Hi Nicky,

      I didn’t mean to imply you were doing anything wrong! I was looking for something to manifest quickly, and I’m a pretty practical person.

      I don’t think you should compromise on the aspects you really want. Maybe you could analyze the dream house to discover what qualities are the most important for you. Do you want enough room for guests? Is the garden really important to you, or would you rather have a deck or concrete? Think about and appreciate what you like best about where you’re living now, so you get more of that. (If you focus on hating where you are now, unfortunately you’ll just get more of the same…)

      It’s possible that by dreaming of PERFECT, you are actually pulling up some resistances that might not be there if you thought of EXCELLENT. If you think in terms of ‘this is a house I could really enjoy,’ I bet it will show up pretty quickly.

      Thanks again for writing! More hugs,

      Mary Carol

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