Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award


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I’ve been lucky enough to have been nominated for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” by regular reader and fellow blogger Sylviane Nuccio. I am so honored to have received this nomination from Sylviane; thanks so much for including me in your list!

Now let me tell you more about the award:

Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  • All recipients need to thank the giver
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

7 totally random things about me

I’ve already divulged quite a bit of info about myself on my About page, as well as in this post, and this post, so I did my best to come up with some new tidbits you may not yet know about me.

1. Despite all the cat pictures on my blog, I’m actually a total dog person. I adore dogs. Just looking at them makes me happy. Despite this, I don’t own a dog. I live in an apartment in the middle of a city and I don’t consider that nearly spacious enough for a pet. So, although I’ve wanted a dog since the day I was born, I’m holding off until the time is right, I’m done with the majority of my planned travel, and I have a backyard.

2. I start every morning with a cup of Chai tea with a bit of Agave syrup and almond milk. I used to have a horrific coffee addiction. I don’t miss the coffee, but I realized that I did miss the ritual of my morning cup of Joe. The Chai tea fills that requirement nicely.

3. When I lived in Germany, I was the lead singer of a Blues Band. During my corporate days, I lost my singing voice. One day, it was simply gone. I’m currently working on getting it back and I’m making progress (it’s better, but still not good enough for company). I’ve figured out that the voice didn’t go away. It simply changed drastically. So, I don’t have to so much get it back as discover it in its new form.

4. I’m a pretty decent pool player as long as I loudly announce to everyone in the bar before the game that “I TOTALLY SUCK!” Telling someone that I’m actually pretty good guarantees a night of embarrassment and apologies. You may insert your own dirty joke here.

5. I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But when I watch any kind of sports match, I LOVE to talk smack. It actually makes me happy to yell sarcastic criticisms at the screen. I do not need to actually know what I’m talking about to do this (but it helps with the humor when I know more about the players). As long as I know the basic rules, I’m good to go. I have no idea why this makes me so happy, but it does. Currently, my favorite teams are Barca (the Barcelona football/soccer team) and the Spanish National football/soccer team (which are basically the same damn team, minus Messi). But I also love American Football (49’ers! Boise State University!), and have watched a bit of Tennis in the past. I’m not a big basketball fan and I don’t have enough knowledge about Baseball to really enjoy the game (i.e. it bores the hell out of me. But the other way sounds better.)

6. I’m incredibly near sighted. Without my glasses or contacts, I can’t see more than a few inches in front of my face. Kind of like a female Mr. Magoo. I almost always wear contacts when I go out.

7. I have some chocolate every day. I make a raw, banana/berry smoothie for breakfast every morning, to which I add a heaping spoon of raw cacao. I thought I’d get sick of it after a while, but it’s been two years, and I still look forward to my smoothie every morning. Yep, always the same one.

But, enough about me. It’s time to introduce you to some of the most awesome ladies I know.

Awards of Sisterhood of the World’s Bloggers to 7 bloggers

Now, before I start, I’d like to say that I apologize if I’ve left anyone out. Also, I’m sorry men. You deserve an award too. Perhaps when someone comes out with a movie called The Brotherhood of the Traveling Jockstrap, we can talk. (For the record, this is not a movie I would watch.)

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order for extra fairness:

Andrea DeBell, from Brite Talk. I love Andrea’s videos! She has such an awesome grasp of the Law of Attraction and does such a wonderful job of teaching her viewers how to apply it. If you don’t know of her already, do yourself a favor and check out her site!

Angela Artemis, from Powered by Intuition. I reviewed Angela’s book a few weeks ago, but was a fan of hers long before that. What I am to LOA, Angela is to the subject of Intuition. If you’ve ever wanted to develop your psychic abilities or simply learn how to follow your hunches better, Angela’s your guide.

Betsy McKee Henry, from Zen Mama. Betsy teaches Parents how to take a more, well, Zen approach. Her blogs are informative, honest and touching. And she calls her Husband “Zen Papa”, which is just so cute.

Elle Sommer, from Reflecting A Life. Rarely have I found anyone who has such an incredible understanding of the Law of Attraction. I don’t say this lightly, but Elle is an LOA superstar. I love her blog posts, where she shares her extraordinary outlook and musings about her life.

Farnoosh Brock, from Prolific Living. Farnoosh is an expert on green juicing, healthy living and coaches people on how to leave their hated and stifling corporate jobs behind. Just like me, she used to be part of the corporate world but has now taken a more authentic route. She has such an amazing energy. One of my favorite people in the blogosphere EVER.

Lori Gosselin, from Life, for Instance. Lori blogs about Life and is a master at starting awesome discussions. She has the most amazing community (um, erm, I mean second most amazing, of course! Ahem!) on her blog. And because she writes about life, you can find discussions on topics as diverse as Women’s rights, magic, and alternative medicine on her blog.

Vidya Sury, from Going A Musing. Vidya blogs about her life in India, telling hilarious stories of her relationship with her son, and giving us glimpses into her culture. She frequently shares the images she takes on her travels and through her writing, invites us into her charming, funny, touching and honest world.

Well, there you go. Now it’s your turn. How about this: I’ve told you 7 new things about me. Why don’t you tell me one or two things about yourself that I don’t know? After all, fair’s fair. 8)


About the Author

  • Avatar H. says:


    I’m a newbie here and the first to comment 🙂
    1. Portuguese.
    2. In my CV you can see that my path in my field of study is a bit strange (reflects my dreams, mas seems a bit odd in the “Professional Experience” area, because it’s not – in the paid jobs – what I wanted to do, but I’m making arrangements to change that).
    3. I’ve tried to be an air stewardess, but then I felt bad to leave my field of study behind and even though I’m not where I’m supposed to be, I don’t regret my decision 🙂
    4. Cats give me allergyies but I have a WEIRD fixation when they are little or snuggled with their eyes closed :S I just feel like grabbing them and kiss those little faces. Never done that, since I’m very fond of my pshysical integrity. 😛 Despite of that I’m more of a dog person.
    5. I’m fun, love company and going out but also, quiet, reserved and love spending time by myself. (This bit looked like a description in a website for romantic encounters…) I would like to reach in my life a point where both of these traits are fully satisfied and in equilibrium. Uff!
    6. Even though I have a job I don’t relate, I’ve used the money for financial independency and my beginning in being a cityzen of the world by travelling.
    7. “I’m sexy and I know it” Ahahah!

    • That’s awesome H.! Thanks you so much, or shall I say, “obrigada”, 🙂

      I think all little baby animals make us want to cuddle them and kiss their faces. It’s part of nature’s protective mechanism. They’re too cute to kill and eat.. 😛

      Now, I have the urge to go play with puppies.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Avatar Bill Dorman says:

    I won this award once……….just sayin’……….

    Did you sing in German?

    Baseball and golf; like watching grass grow, huh? I love watching both………..:).

    • Bill, I am strangely not surprised. I’ve always thought of you as an honorary woman, actually. So, put on your pants (seriously, people are starting to stare) and come and join the sisterhood. 😛

      I sang in English. I’m not sure that singing in German would’ve felt the same…

      Watching golf?? Is that like meditation for you? Does the announcer lull you into tranquility with his soft, soothing voice, unmarred by any sort of action on the screen? I could see that working. 😛

      Huge hugs for you, chica!


  • Avatar Mary Carol says:

    Lists! I can’t resist. Okay, that’s #
    1: I make lists all the time.
    2. I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when I was 10.
    3. I wrote my first published novel in 8 days (don’t tell anyone).
    4. When I was young, I was afraid of dogs (only notable as I’m now a dog rescuer).
    5. I still have a fear of heights. Three steps up a ladder, that’s it.
    6. I’m addicted to Kakuro. It’s like Sudoku on steroids.
    7. I love being a nerd.

    Hugs to everyone! Thanks for starting the conversation, Melody!

    Mary Carol

    • LOL Mary Carol. That’s an awesome list. I’m so glad you overcame your fear of dogs!!

      I love being a nerd, too. I have embraced my inner nerd and she serves me very well.

      Thanks for joining the conversation Lady Awesomesauce! (It’s been a while, I figure you were due…)

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Vidya Sury says:

    Hey Melody, Thank you for the honor! I am so touched.

    Oh shucks, I wrote seven things about myself, but I am too shy to share them. I can sign my friends’ praises all day, but about myself….blushhhh.

    Thanks again. Happy shiny puppy hugs!

    • LOL Vidya. That’s surprising, since you share so much of your life on your blog (I love it!).

      Why not pass on the award and practice some self-praising in the process? 🙂

      Happy shiny puppy hugs!


      • Avatar Vidya Sury says:

        I know – its funny. It is easier to be generic. 🙂 I’ll try. God knows I had a tough time writing my About Me. 😀 – So I made it a list. Maybe this is a good time to share some really freaky stuff. Considering I’ve been awarded this award twice now.


        You, of course, rock. I can imagine how wonderful you’ll sound, singing the blues. 🙂 You’re one of my favoritest!

        • Ahahaha. Can’t wait to see your freaky side, Vidya. LOL.

          I was pretty good back in the day, if I say so myself. I haven’t yet quite figured out this new voice, so not sure if Blues would be a good fit (but I love Blues music, so I can’t see why not…) The journey continues…

          Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I’m so glad you accepted the Award and you well deserved it.

    I did know that you were a dog person and even though I’m cat person I do see how dogs makes you happy. They can teach a lot about happiness to humans can’t they? Cats too.

    What happened to your voice? have you ever tried to find out the bottom of this? Just wondering 🙂

    • Hey Sylviane,

      Thanks so much for nominating me. I think this award is a great idea – a wonderful way to pay it forward and give exposure to our sistas. 🙂

      My singing voice (and all my upper octaves) just disappeared one day. I remember I was having some fun with friends, belting out a tune and my voice cracked horribly. That was the first indicator. But I was so busy at the time, working horrible hours, that I didn’t really notice it go. I wasn’t practicing regularly or performing at all. And then I just thought I had a sore throat. It didn’t dawn on me that it was “gone” until quite some time had passed.

      About six months ago, while in a shamanic ceremony, the shaman was playing some music and suddenly, I realized that I was singing along. And sound was coming out! I couldn’t hear how it sounded, but I could feel it. And it felt very, very different from how I’d sung before. When I tried to sing the way I used to, nothing would come out. But when I relaxed and let it flow. there was sound. Outside of ceremony, I tried it again. I worked on finding that feeling. The sound is a bit weak and unsteady as of yet, but it’s huge progress for me. I’m letting it develop naturally for now. I’ve manifested an intuitive voice coach who works with energy, but I don’t yet feel quite ready to start training. I’ll know it when I am, and I’m certain that I’ll perform again one day, only it’ll be very different from how it was before. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Elle says:

    Hey Melody,
    I’m honoured and touched by your inclusion. I get so much out of reading your posts my friend…you are the real deal and being on your list is an amazing compliment.

    Lordy, lordy everyone knows everything about me already, I’m such a blabbermouth – I’ve got some work to do on digging out stuff I haven’t yet blabbed about!


  • Avatar patricia says:

    I am staring at the ocean and celebrating 35 years of marriage…I just wanted you to know I enjoyed this post…and congrats on the award! and for sharing others – that is the best part of these things!

  • Avatar Kim says:

    Wow…I loved learning those tidbits about you. I’m excited that you’re finding your singing voice again. Also, thanks for sharing the bloggers that you admire. With your stamp of approval, I’m definitely going to check them out!

    Big Hugs!


  • Love knowing more about you Queen of LOA! xo

  • I’m so honored to be included with these incredible sisters!! Thank you!!

    And it’s great to learn more about you! I love that you’re so nice and you say so!! I told my son to write that on a paper where he needed to write a unique thing about himself. He thought that was a silly thing from a mom. Instead he wrote, “I make friends easily.” which might mean the same thing. We have morning smoothies in common, but I still like my coffee first!

    I really like this award and I think I may have to do this, too!! Thanks again!

    • You’re so welcome Betsy. You totally deserve it. 🙂

      Hmmm. You make an interesting point. I don’t hesitate to admit that I’m nice. But I know a lot of people would consider even that, boasting. I guess it comes down to what our self image is. For me, if asked to describe myself, the first terms that come to mind are “Happy Shiny Puppy”. And in that context, “nice” totally fits. But that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I would’ve said “hard worker” or “determined”. I saw myself differently. And in that world, “nice” wasn’t considered a good thing, so I wouldn’t have felt comfortable using it.

      I already have a question waiting in the wings that pokes at this subject, so I’ll write more about this concept in a future blog post.

      I hope you pass the award on. I’d love to learn 7 things about you! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Wow! We share three of your seven secrets! I drink my Chai the same way every morning, start an awesome game of pool by announcing how much I suck and was just as near-sighted from age seven until I went with Lasik about ten years ago (I can see better than contacts now). I also have the same smoothie (same for me, different from yours) every day for lunch and have for years. They just make me feel good.

    My latest crazy thing about me: We’re raising a baby mountain lion in our living room – the newest addition to our big cat sanctuary. 🙂

    I could make up all kinds of stories about how you lost your voice (corporate life strangles our true voice out of us) but I’m sure that’s all obvious to you. Your writing and current life have certainly turned that around as you continue to find and acknowledge your deeper, truer self/voice. A voice that I absolutely LOVE!!

    • Hey Paige,

      That’s awesome. I have considered doing Lasik and will probably do it one of these days. It just doesn’t bug me unless I travel, and even then, it’s only sporadic.

      Yeah, I have some good ideas about how the voice got blocked. But finding my new voice isn’t just about releasing resistance, it’s about aligning with the new voice, too. It does have to do with vulnerability, and my willingness to be completely open. There’s a lot of parallels between authenticity and my voice and so it lines up nicely with my goals anyway. I’m becoming more authentic every day. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Ms Wildcat. 😀

      Huge hugs!!


  • Avatar anny says:

    Hi Melody,

    Your favourite football team is the Spanish team? How can you? Where is your German side? They prevented Germany from reaching the final of the World Championship (not to mention the Dutch team from winning and becoming champions). Smileys are here in order. The Dutch team deserved it though for the violent and unfair way they were playing this final match.

    You must have had the time of your life then during the last two major championships, Spain winning both.



    • Hey Anny,

      Well, the German team never sucked me in while I lived there. Here, I stumbled into it by being dragged to a Eurocup game 8 years ago. Then, someone kindly explained a few of the rules t me and once I was able to enjoy it, I was hooked. The excitement of country against country… I don’t watch the normal matches often, but I love the Euro Championship and the Worldcup. I was in Spain for the Worldcup, and yes, it was pure awesomeness. Holland didn’t play well, I agree with you there. I don’t enjoy dirty games.

      I was in Germany for this last Euro Championship and I enjoyed that, too. I’ve never seen Italy play so well. They were much more mature than I’ve ever seen them. But then, their coach goes to monasteries regularly and has really gotten into the life coaching of his players.

      I’m not really nationalistic that way. I can root for just about any team. I just enjoy myself. But it’s not hard to fall in love with Barca and Spain. Those guys are just such amazing players. They’re fun to watch. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Crystal says:

    Congrats on the nomination. You totally deserve it! I have been sucked in by your blog, and it won’t let me go. 🙂

    What I found the most interesting about your post was #4. You said that you play a pretty decent game of pool as long as you announce that you suck before the game. I am totally the same way. What I found intersting about it, though, was that from an LOA POV, announcing you suck, should have made you suck. Right? Or is it more like saying you suck released the pressure of performing well?

    The reason I am wondering is because I have to do that before anything I feel pressure to do good at. Whether it’s a quiz for school or a game of pool, if I hype myself up before hand, I totally bomb, but if I say I suck and lower my expectations, I do really well.

    Figuring out the little nuances of LOA has been really fun, and the more I learn about the “background” of doing things like this (saying “I suck” to release the pressue rather than because I really believe I do), the easier I can apply them to every situtation.

    • Hey Crystal,

      You said it – saying that we suck relieves the pressure.

      When I tell people that I’m a pretty decent pool player, my mind then immediately starts to nag at me. What if I’m not? What if I play like crap (which has happened) and then I’ve already told everyone that I’m good? I’ll be humiliated, etc.

      But if I say that I suck, they won’t expect anything from me and the pressure is off (in my own mind). I can just enjoy myself. And that’s when I play really well, because it no longer really matters.

      Isn’t it fun figuring it all out? 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Z says:

        Wouldn’t this be against LOA?

        This sounds like something someone insecure would do.

        Someone self-concious, someone who does care what others think. Someone expecting to fail.
        Someone afraid of failure-even a small one like losing a game of pool.

        Not something Melody would do.

        Also short-sightedness—a piece of unclear resistance in the form of eye problems.

        • Hey Z.,

          LOL. This is why I have no problem writing about my flaws and failures: There’s a belief that many people hold that you’re either perfect or you’re not. They hold themselves and others up to that standard.

          But as long as we are human, we will have resistance and contrast. Of course I have mine, as you have yours. It’s how we deal with it that counts.

          I can tell you that I adore playing pool, even though I don’t play often. I don’t really care if I win or lose, I just like to play. But of course I’m not so free of all traces of insecurity that I cannot be triggered even slightly (or strongly in some cases, but not on this issue). Whenever some kind of competitive situation arises, I do still get a teensy bit charged up. Not a lot, not enough to kill the fun of it either way, but a little. And I’m ok with that.

          As far as the short sightedness goes, it’s a trait in my family, so some kind of belief that has been passed down to me from generations. I haven’t taken the time to figure it out, since it doesn’t bother me most of the time. I just don’t care enough.

          I’ve also given up the idea of being perfect. Every time I release a layer of beliefs, there’s a new layer there. I finally got that the frequencies I’m reaching for today are the resistance I’ll be releasing tomorrow. It’s a never ending cycle. And that’s ok, too. It’s what spawns our expansion.

          No one is perfect. Certainly not me (and perfection is very subjective). And when we accept that, it really takes the pressure off.

          So, please don’t hold me or anyone else up to the standard of perfection. You’ll always be disappointed.

          Huge hugs for you!


          • Avatar Z says:

            Hey Melody,

            I’m not holding you to a standard of perfection. 🙂 What a hideous idea!

            Rather you removing that resistance would be like you fixing the water heater- a great LOA example. It would be particularly inspiring as it would be a difficult one.
            Some physical ailments are hard to pin down. They don’t have a particular emotion behind them.
            Or use.
            What is the point of some absurd/very bad conditions?
            e.g. Incontinence, gas, loss of bowel control, blindness (not since birth) things that render people in silly, embarrassing or very inconvenient situations.

            You can’t find the resistance for some of those things.
            Like the common cold.

            Q: What does it make you feel?
            A: Sick!
            Q: How does sick make you feel?
            A: Just sick!

            I’m not holding you to perfection, rather mirroring the advice you give to your readers.

          • Hey Z,

            Ah, that’s good then. I’m still glad I got the chance to explain this, though, as many people struggle with this concept of perfection.

            Often, the common cold is a manifestation that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. The body sends signals to slow down a bit, and we ignore them and often get sick as a way of slowing us down. The same thing can happen when we don’t want to go to work…

            There’s no one standard reason for illnesses. One person’s irritable bowel will be caused by one reason, while that of a different person will have an entirely different reason.

            When something has been with us all our lives, it’s much harder to pin down the resistance. But in those cases, all we have to do is set the intention to release whatever is causing a manifestation and then focus on feeling better.

            I haven’t worked on my eyes (I don’t care enough to at the moment), but I have worked on my teeth. I’ve gotten it to the point where I no longer really get new cavities. The old stuff did come up again recently, as a result of me poking about in some old, dark energies, and I did release a tremendous amount of energy, but I’m still not entirely certain what it was about (I have an inkling, but none of that specific clarity). I’ve released old beliefs like that before and they are different. I never made any kind of decision on my own that formed that belief, so I don’t have a specific anchor that I can trace it back to. The belief may never make sense to me and as uncomfortable as that is for someone like me who loves to understand everything, I’ve realized that it’s ok. I don’t have to understand to release it. I can set an intention and let the resistance come.

            I may blog about this experience in the near future. It’s not pretty, but I think it will help people understand…

            Huge hugs!

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  • Avatar Evelyn Lim says:

    I have always enjoyed posts like these. Congrats on the nomination! I am glad to know another 7 awesome things about you!

    Getting Lasik done can make things more convenient. I had always been misplacing my specs and I never liked wearing contacts. And so I would spend a lot of time just searching for my specs. And eventually, I had Lasik done. In fact, it was just two months back ago. I thought I must have been one of the last to do it. We have the highest rate of myopia in Singapore. And so practically every adult Singaporean who is short-sighted has done Lasik.

    I am also more of a dog rather than a cat person. I would also love to hear you sing one day!

    • Hey Evelyn,

      I didn’t know that Singapore had a high rate of Myopia. That’s interesting. I’m always fascinated by beliefs that span a large group of people (ok, I’m fascinated by beliefs, period). I will probably have it done one day, but it just doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 15, and contacts wince I was 16. I’m quite used to the routine by now.

      Perhaps, perhaps, who knows? Maybe there’s an LOA concert in the future, lol.

      Huge hugs!

    • Avatar Z says:

      Lack of sunlight. Many articles on this.

      I found this when I had multiple problems stemming from lack of sunlight, office environment/night shifts…

      Lack of vitamin D and exposure to nature, sun and fresh air. The amounts of health problems this indoor, sanitized lifestyle many people live in is staggering.

      • Wow Z. Thank you so much! I hadn’t come across this info before. I did recently read about a way to heal the eyes by staring at the sun for very short periods at a time and lengthening them every day. I’m fascinated by all of these different ways to heal the body.

        Thanks for sharing!

        Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Alice says:

    This is one of the blogs I’d give an award to if I could!

    I am gobstopped. This women is agorophobic and is making a documentary of her struggle as after 30 years of panic attacks and unhappy living and round the world trip to force herself to meet all her facebook friends.
    So that’s like me in my physical illness and social isolation somehow meeting all these people after years of pain…wow!

    If that weren’t interesting enough, her blog just gets better. The latest blogs about wine and such aren’t that interesting.
    You think, wonderful challenge, but the blog…meh.

    BUT…then you read through her earlier blogs and it’s inspiring!!! She helping the people she meets!!
    A few of them also have agorophobia, so she meets them, mirrors of herself, often younger and takes them outside.

    I love the pink haired lady and the guy in the army that developed PTSD (what a hottie) so this totally debunks the myth of agorophobics or seriously ill people that are mostly housebound for whatever reason as being these insane, weird poeple that no-one would like.

    Alot of the people are hot!!! , cute, interesting and she had this guy called Brandon on the webcam and he was too cute!!!

    It’s a very long blog, but I’m bound to get through all the “backissues” and see what other poeple she met.

    I think this is a stellar idea and I’d LOVE a mentor like that, that FLIES to your house, just to meet you.
    She says she wants to give back the kindness she got in life, by now helping those that were in her position.

    It’s going to be made into a documentary and this is one of the best ideas since a fountain of chocolate and muscle men that want an orgy!
    Or …sliced bread. Yeah. Less controversial. Let’s stick with the sliced bread.

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  • […] Please check out her Facebook page. She streams inspiration. Beautiful Nikky! Melody Fletcher of Deliberate Blog Law of Attraction Guru Melody is one of the most amazing persons I’ve met. I just love her […]

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