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Please welcome back Mary Carol Moran, who wrote today’s beautiful post.

It’s been about six weeks since my Soul showed up and moved in. After years of meditating, hoping for wisdom, waiting for something, not knowing what to expect… my Soul introduced herself on April 9, 2012. I’ve written about the experience and my first impressions in another post. This is an update from six weeks later.

First, I have to say it’s awesome, amazing, every other superlative you can think of and then multiply by a gazillion or so. Every instant of every day, I’m never alone – in the best possible way. Difficulties evaporate much faster, often in seconds. Unexpected cool things happen all the time.

But, and this has surprised me, it’s still an adjustment. Change is change – even when it’s perfect, it’s still change.

Stuff that used to slide by doesn’t any more. My tolerance for disquiet has bottomed out. For example, I was wandering around in WalMart to kill time before an appointment. I had been fine buying necessities: vanilla, toilet paper, mustard. But when I looked at some towels, I got nauseous. I don’t need more towels. I used to enjoy just looking at things – not anymore. The vibration of consumerism DOES NOT EQUATE with my Soul’s vibration, and my body let me know immediately.

Another example: Something about my early morning yoga class wasn’t working for me, but I wasn’t sure what. I decided to go anyway, and the first day, no taxis passed by and I arrived fifteen minutes late. That night, I couldn’t sleep, and ended up sending a message to the lovely instructor that I couldn’t make it to class. The following day, I got there, the class was wonderful, and within a few minutes I knew exactly what was going on.

My Soul vibrates to a stretching class with plenty of meditation. I want to be in an alpha state for the whole class, and counting and working with weights interrupted my bliss. Mind you, six weeks ago I loved this stuff. Now, it doesn’t work, and I literally can’t do it. Taxis don’t come – my body refuses to go to sleep – I cannot force myself to go.

People I’d rather not be around – can’t be around them.

Activities that don’t resonate with my soul – can’t do them.

I used to have a goal to spend my time with people and activities that made me feel good. Now, it’s THE LAW. At the moment, making the adjustments, it’s a bit awkward. I will have a conversation with my yoga teacher. Good news is, thank you Soul, I have the words to explain the situation to her.

So, what’s the upside? Huge! I’m an empath, and get buffeted by emotions, often mistaking them for my own. This morning I walked into a room and felt a surge of sadness, a deep sorrow. Before, this would have thrown off my whole day: feeling awful, eventually analyzing the emotion, and wanting to help whoever felt so bad. Today, within seconds, I asked for and felt my Soul touch my hand, and the sorrow melted away. In Melody’s terms, in the past I let my vibration lower (though it seemed involuntary and uncontrollable to me). Today, I felt and acknowledged the sorrow, without taking it on as my own.

Did the sad person feel better? I don’t know, and honestly it’s none of my business. My joy may have given her a boost, but that was her choice to make. I’m glad I felt her sorrow, and I’m glad I let it go. It could be that my acknowledging it (not in words or actions, but with compassionate energy) somehow eased her. I hope so.

Melody had convinced me months ago that the best you can do in any circumstance is to maintain your own happiness, your vibration – it’s contagious. The problem was, I couldn’t do it. Now I can. Thank you Soul!

So what is it like, overall, living with your Soul? I’m a writer, and when I write I get into the flow. It can sometimes feel like the manic half of manic depression. I once wrote a novel in seven days, nonstop. It was published within a year and sold out 10,000 copies in a few months. Poems come the same way. Scientifically, it’s an alpha state.

Living with my Soul means being in the flow all the time, but without the manic undertones. Time passes without my noticing. I find I need more sleep. A challenge I haven’t sorted out yet is the relationship between doing and being. The old flow was all about doing, but this Soul flow state isn’t about doing. I’m slowly letting go of the desire to accomplish… anything. What pure “being” will look like and feel like, I can’t yet say.

Does some of this resonate with you? Do you recognize yourself here? Please let me know. I look forward to reading your always valuable comments. Warm hugs,

Mary Carol

Mary Carol Moran lives in Mexico, where she spreads love and awareness and poetry. Her latest project is an animal shelter for puppies and kitties. Check it out and support the site by liking it here: Amigos de Perros y Gatos Colima

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  • Avatar Katy Lowe says:

    Mary Carol…I enjoyed this – and identified with much of it. Don’t know that I’m quite where you are at, but would love to be there some day soon. In the meantime I can identify with the aspect of how I ‘don’t go there’ anymore, when it comes to others and their problems. Doesn’t mean I don’t care, what I mean is if they talk about some tragedy or illness or someone transitioning – I offer the correct response, but I don’t linger on the discomfort, nor take it on as my own.

    After I lost my sister and father within 6 months of each other, I found a year or so after that…that I was no longer going to ‘feel’ the pain or discomfort of others passing…(people I don’t know). I may hear about it or read about it…and may offer some soft positive thought for those having difficulty…but that’s it! I don’t allow it into my space any longer. For me it’s like setting boundaries… I mean I have my own issues..why would I want to take on someone elses pain to that degree? I deal with patients at the Drs office I work at..and so many come in with serious problems and some with chronic problems. I do not GO THERE with them. Lol…one lady even came in to my office area…sighing and slumping into a chair I asked what she needed today…and she said…”aren’t you going to ask me what’s wrong?” lol I said, “no – I’m here to help you feel better, not worse!”

    Anyway…this may have nothing to do with your post…however I do find that I am honoring my own feelings more and not letting myself go down the road of what I don’t want, as much as I used to. Feels pretty darn good! :o)

    • Hi Katy,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds to me like you are very much in touch with your Soul. You’ve taken your compassionate detachment from death and extended it into everyday circumstances as well. Bravo!!

      Your response to the lady in the doctor’s office was so perfect! *chuckling* By maintaining your high vibration, you helped her way more than by commiserating. And you left it to be her choice (empowering her), to feel better or not. I picture her sitting up a little straighter and smiling.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience. It has everything to do with the post! It does feel pretty darn good, doesn’t it!

      Happy Sunday hugs,

      Mary Carol

    • I agree with Mary Carol, Katy! What an awesome response to that lady. I love it! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Anita says:

    Hi – wow, as I read your article. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I think, have thought that there was something wrong with me. From your post the following has been happening to me:

    -“Difficulties evaporate much faster, often in seconds”. For me its like they happen but instead of feeling the heaviness of them, they hit some kind of shield and they exist, but there is no weight to them.

    -“My tolerance for disquiet has bottomed out”. For me, I find I get itchy all over, when I’m somewhere or with someone that I need to get away from, because the “vibration” doesn’t match. You mentioned paper towels, the big thing for me is tv, the commercials and shows that don’t add more beauty to the world. The same with restaurants, and social places.

    -“People I’d rather not be around – can’t be around them.”. The same is true for me.

    I would love to write, have always dreamed of writing, and lately I have been having more inspirations. Not poems like you, but stories.

    -“Time passes without my noticing. I find I need more sleep. A challenge I haven’t sorted out yet is the relationship between doing and being. ” The same is true for me.

    I find that I am gravitating more towards the things that I have rarely done in the past, but found great joy in doing, like painting. Almost a hunger for it, and in doing so I find peace and a contentment, fulfillment, that I can’t really find the words to describe.

    I don’t think I am anywhere at the level you are at, but your post has given me some enlightenment, and guidance.

    • Hi Anita,

      Sounds to me like we are totally on the same page — and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either of us!

      Your vibration has reached a height where your resistances are triggered very easily. And because you are paying attention, you’re getting little signals like itchiness (for me it’s taxis), instead of whack-on-the-head signals like illnesses or accidents. Woohoo!

      If you feel like writing, write! If you feel like painting, paint! If you try something and you get itchy (hee hee), stop doing it! Isn’t it great to have a built in alarm system?!

      As I wrote in the article, the challenge to all this is embracing the changes. So just keep listening for signals, keep experimenting, keep enjoying the process! Every time something-I-used-to-like falls away, I get all excited wondering what amazing and awesome new experience is walking in the door.

      Giant non-itchy soul-sisterly hugs!!

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar ItisMe says:

        “The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Actually, it goes a bit further than that. Like attracts like, exponentially. So, if you have a thought, and you focus on it a bit, the Law of Attraction will bring you more thoughts like it. And they will attract even more thoughts like it. And very quickly, a great deal of energy has been summoned, all vibrating at this frequency”

        “Every time you focus on something sufficiently to create enough momentum, huge amounts of energy are lined up in order to bring that thing to you in the physical. This happens whether you line up with it or not. And that energy is then ready for you to receive.”[Deliberate Receiving How the Law of Attraction and the Process of Reality Creation Really Work]

        Comparing the above statements to your following statement:

        “Something about my early morning yoga class wasn’t working for me, but I wasn’t sure what”

        It seems to me you completely disregarded the tenants of LOA {i.e.….you haven’t downloaded your understandings into the body form yet.}

        You stated Right away That when you encounter a sensation {i.e. an energetic vibration encountered by your soul from within your body}..….in which you lack the ability to explain it to yourself……that it can only mean that something is not working for you…therefore….you immediately choose to “label” this strange sensation from a place of “negativity”…thus setting the foundation upon which you were going to go about your day viewing and looking for the validation of It…{unconsciously or consciously you have set the stage to view and create from}

        As LOA States … “If you have a thought, and you focus on it a bit, the Law of Attraction will bring you more thoughts like it,

        You State….” Something about my early morning yoga class wasn’t working for me, but I wasn’t sure what “I decided to go anyway and the first day, no taxis passed by and I arrived fifteen minutes late. That night, I couldn’t sleep, and ended up sending a message to the lovely instructor that I couldn’t make it to class.”

        >>> {Notice in the above statement you set the scene for the day and for your observation of your physical reality to validate} as indicated by your statements of observation after the energetic sensation was felt and labeled “wasn’t working for me”}<<<

        LOA States…."what you see around you, the physical reality you've created, is in response to yesterday's vibration. What you sent out yesterday came back to you today."

        .Have you noticed that .you immediately choose to adopt and attach the understanding that this energetic sensation your receiving {i.e. Feeling} means “that it isn’t working for you”… {I.e. an energetic vibration/frequency being encountered by you through the body you’re occupying}.

        Have you contemplated the thought that ….Not having encountered this particular frequency before….. The Body will automatically response with “labeling” it as uncomfortable {which is exactly what it feels like when your consciously encountering a bodily frequency you’ve yet to feel completely encounter both aspects of {i.e. negative AND positive aspects of}}…note before labeling it uncomfortable, it (the energetic feeling of it ) had no polarity of being interpreted as uncomfortable or comfortable}..It being just the flow of energy throughout the body….E-MOTIONS….Energy-In-Motion…..YOU CHOOSE Which Words You will perceive the sensations of the energetic flow of Energy from…..

        LOA States {The dominant frequency is always the one that manifests}.

        You STATE……“My Soul vibrates to a stretching class with plenty of meditation. I want to be in an alpha state for the whole class, and counting and working with weights interrupted my bliss. Mind you, six weeks ago I loved this stuff. Now, it doesn’t work, and I literally can’t do it {don’t you mean you don’t WANT TO do it}. Taxis don’t come – my body refuses to go to sleep – I cannot force myself to go. {Isn’t it really a case of you not wanting to choose to invest the time into understanding how to resonate with your body on the same frequency and having to sacrifice the “I am holier than my body” attitude.}

        Which would end up leaving you with no place to project” blame” as in your statement………“my body refuses to go to sleep”……..for this sacrifice would mean that you would Have to Accept RESPONSIBILITY for the “LABELING” of the energetic sensations you are experiencing…and having to accept realization that that these energetic sensations are neither positive nor negative until……… YOU LABEL THEM TO BE SO

        It seemed to of taken three days for you to receive your understanding of your own desire.…As you go on to state: “The following day, I got there, the class was wonderful, and within a few minutes I knew exactly what was going on.”.. “I want to be in an alpha state for the whole class”

        Now imagine if you were in resonance with your body …So that. When you encountered that sensation …you would recognized it as a sensation Of Energetic Energy with which your body was presently unfamiliar with {at least on a conscious of being conscious of level …and…….. An opportunity for you to create and label symbols of communication for you and your body to communicate through and react and act harmoniously with next time that ‘energetic frequency’ is encountered. Thus eliminating the something is not working for me attitude.

        The bodily sensation of feeling uncomfortable has been labeled {in the past} as indicating something is wrong or that your far from who you really are …when in fact all it is……… Is a NEW ENERGETIC FREQUENCY your soul and body have yet to experience together with consciousness so the body form responds with the feedback that it is uncomfortable ….thus the feeling of being uncomfortable ….The “words” you choose to interpret the energy with, determines which aspect of the polarity of it you filter your understanding of it through…..IT”S YOUR CHOICE…IT’S NOT EVIL OR BAD OR NEGATIVE,,,, not until YOU CHOOSE the WORDING for it.

        “Thus choosing which end (negative or positive aspect of the frequency being felt}of the energetic frequency you’re going to filter your conceptualization of it through”

        Doesn't this make sense?

        • Hi ItisMe,

          First I need to clarify to Anita that what ItisMe writes isn’t a response to your comment. It’s nested in, but is actually a separate comment to the post itself.

          Second, I’d like to clarify to Me that I’m a guest poster, Mary Carol Moran, and not Melody. While I agree with Melody’s quoted article, I didn’t write it myself.

          Me, you make an interesting point that I might have attracted everything that related to the yoga class based on an initial mis-perception that gathered energy over time. I don’t think that’s what happened, but it’s a valid observation.

          Sometimes we sense right away that something is no longer comfortable, no longer within our range of vibration, like consumerism for me. Sometimes we
          can have a vague feeling of unease, and it may take awhile to figure out where it’s coming from. That’s what happened for me with yoga, a practice I’ve loved for almost ten years. In the time of clarifying, it’s important to keep an open mind, to allow for the very possibility you point out, Me.

          So, is it possible for an initial negative thought to gather momentum and eventually become your reality? I think that a negative thought is a bit like pain – if you experience it and then let it go, there will be no suffering and no accumulation of energy.

          And of course, language being what it is, negative is a relative term, and I use it here in the context of a vibrational mismatch. Each person has their own sense of what matches vibrationally for them. Learning to pay attention to your own signals is what it’s all about.

          Hugs and light,

          Mary Carol

  • How very interesting! I always love to hear what people are going through when they have a big change in their lives. Thank you Mary Carol! I enjoyed reading your post, as usual!

  • Avatar Laura says:

    Love this. I have just gotten into a couple books. One that has been sitting on my shelf…you know, one of those shelf help books. haha. It’s called “Tibetan Sound Healing” and was just reading about the four immeasurables in Tibetan Buddhism. These are correlated with the heart chakra and one of them is joy.

    Another book I’m reading is a library book and it’s called “When Everything Changes, Change Everything.” Both books go into how our emotions really start with thought as it is the meaning and attachment our minds put on an outer event or thing.

    True happiness and joy come from us…inside us. So I love this story. It seems to be in sync with what I’m “searching” for. A big loss in my life had sent me into a tailspin (putting it lightly) but it made me realize I had left MYSELF and the loss I’m referring to needed to happen to begin to get my own soul back.

    Thanks for the inspiring post. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    Laura G.

    • Hi Laura,

      Isn’t it awesome how everything appears at just the right moment? You notice the shelf book at exactly the moment when you are ready to read it.

      It’s interesting that sometimes we lose ourselves completely before we find ourselves completely. That happened to me too. Now, every time you feel that click with your soul, you are strengthening the connection.

      For me, the thought exercise that helps most to connect with my spirit is reading the Tao Te Ching, the 81 short writings of Lao Tzu. I like the translation by R. L. Wing. Another book I really like is The Tibetan Book of Yoga, a tiny volume that speaks about the heart. Thank you for sharing the books that are helping you connect. I’ll check them out.

      Hugs to a fellow journeyer! Let’s keep in touch!

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Aylin says:

    Hi Mary,it’s an awesome post and what you are experiencing is inspirational.I’m hoping I will be living in your state of mind all of the time.Sometimes I can feel that kind of relief during the day but I couldn’t define that feeling.Maybe it was the feeling of connecting my soul as you call it.But nowadays I’ve been worrying about everything like the old times.Maybe it’s happening because all the worries have been appearing more often just before going away forever…..I hope so,can you suggest something to get thorugh this process faster:):)
    Anyway thank you for sharing such beautiful experinces :):)

    • Hi Aylin,

      What you’re experiencing happened to me too. Melody explained to me that when the universal energy rises, as it is doing, and our vibration rises, as it is doing, resistance rises too. What’s probably happening is that things that used to slide by you aren’t sliding by any more. This is a good thing!, even though it’s uncomfortable in the moment. If you let go of worrying about the fact that you are worrying, you’ll settle into the new vibration and be back to your zooming self!

      A hard part for me has been letting go of pastimes I used to enjoy. A year ago I was salsa dancing three times a week. Two weeks ago I was going to yoga class five times a week. The process of recognizing that they no longer work for me has been… well, a process.

      Recognizing the little signs, like taxis not showing up, is part of the rising vibration. It’s like the Universe is saying, “Yup, things are changing, but we’re going to help you see what needs to change without a lot of trauma. Just pay attention.”

      Sounds like you are well into the process of connecting full-time with your soul. Relax, accept, embrace, watch for signs!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Many warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Veeh Cirra says:

    I love this! I am literally seeing you being held back from that which you previously enjoyed doing. It’s so strange yet so powerful, do you chuckle a bit at all this? It’s so awesome you finally met your soul…knowing that you are never alone ever.

    I personally know that we are never alone ever. Each breathe we take is a hug from God. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to believe that God is there with us always. I am looking forward to see how else your life changes.

    I too would want to meet my soul. I wonder when I will be ready for that beautiful experience…

    • Hi Veeh,

      Yes! I chuckle all the time. It’s a weird perspective seeing the world as God-in-a-body. Everything is interesting and even supposedly bad stuff is full of love.

      Veeh, your soul is with you all the time – you just aren’t consciously aware of it yet. Accept, Relax, Embrace – it’s getting to be a mantra for me: you ARE! Oohhh, I like that! Thank you Veeh and Soul and Universe!

      Since childhood I’ve thought I had a special angel on my shoulder because I was born on Christmas day. I now think that angel is my Soul, and she gave me glimpses patiently for about 60 years waiting for me to wake up and come out to play. It sounds to me as if your relationship with God is your personal bridge to your soul. Feel God in every breath, and you ARE living as your Soul.

      Thank you Veeh, and everyone who’s writing today! I feel as if we are flying on high vibes! Hugs to all,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Rox says:

    Mary !! Thanks from a little bit further north to you in Los Angeles County !! No WONDER I have these nauseating moments where one minute I am just fine and freakin’ dandy, and the next moment I am just so NOT fine and freakin’ dandy !!

    And Melody…that focus and letting go thing? Yeah, baby girl…totally works and is still working. I mean, I may not physically have the actual items that I want but MAN the career of my danged dreams is coming to be and wowie like Maui it is being done not only by my own hand but is TOTALLY doing EXACTLY what I wrote in my manifestation journal…I wanted to be back in rock music and I am back in rock music…I wanted to reach out and expand and meet new people, even if it were only online and BANG! That too…and then there is the little thing about Mr Yummy…

    While there are things that make me freak out, nothing other than a Mr Yummy being the object of my affection has freaked me out more in my life, but here I am and settled in the fact that what my Guides, my intuition and just that …”Knowing”…where you don’t know but you “Know”? Yeah…it’s like that

    Did I tell you today that I love you? Well, I Love You Melody…you are the BOMB!!!

    And Mary you kick some serious tail, too, lady….

    A great big kiss of Aloha from the Island of Los Angeles…
    Love always…

    The Rabid Feral Kitten …:)

    • Hi Rox,

      Welcome to riding the waves! This whole energy thing is a little like body surfing – one minute you’re whooping as you glide, and the next minute you’re eating sand.

      Actually, now that my Soul has showed up to stay, I’m NOT eating sand any more. Yeah! The waves are still here, but it feels more like I can float on them, and not get pulled into the drama.

      That’s wonderful that you are manifesting so many great things into your life! Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it! Sounds like you are on an excellent path.

      Feral puppy hugs, (my Gemma was feral when I rescued her from the side of a highway)

      Mary Carol

    • Awesomeness Rox!!

      It sounds like you’re in an awesome place. I’m in manifesting heaven right now myself (things are just lining up. Yay!) so you should see me surfing those waves right beside you. Wahoo!

      Thanks for all your kind words.

      I like that. The bomb. The happiness bomb. Gonna explode my happiness all over you.
      damn it! Why does everything I write end up sounding dirty? 😛


      HSP Extraordinaire

  • Avatar Brian says:

    Aaawww, this must feel wonderful! As i always say, i want to be in love all around the clock and never ever fall out of love again or “need” a woman to trigger this feeling in me, but all by myself, as a general feeling and way of life. Whether you call it your soul or a particular frequency of energy doesn’t matter. It just feels great!

    The picture of Barry and his soul is so beautiful. Since i live with five cats, each of them with such a large–scale soul, plus my own, which has the size of a grizzly … heck, this finally explains why we are so hungry! You should tell overweight people they do not do anything wrong, it’s just their elephant or manatee soul who demands all the snacks!

    Head bonks and purrs


    • Hi Brian,

      Head bonks to you too!

      I agree with you that whether you call it love or energy or vibration or soul doesn’t matter – it feels fantastic! And it is a little like that rush of “being in love,” in the same way that it’s a little like the rush of being in the creative flow, but in both cases without the slightly manic overtones. Just a calm, peaceful, permanent high!

      Puppy hugs too,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Anna says:

    How I wish I can also be able to live with my soul. In my case, I am still at the stage of manic undertones when it comes to my writing.

    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks for joining the discussion. If you know what flow feels like, even when it’s a little manic like the creative flow, you’re that much closer to living with your soul, and living in the flow all the time.

      Just think of how unimportant some details become when you’re in the flow of writing. For me, I forget to eat, I lose track of time, I forget to feel too hot in the summer… If the details aren’t important in the flow, then they aren’t important! Yes, we need to eat, but it’s nothing to obsess over. Time and heat are relative and again nothing to get overly excited about.

      When you can maintain that distance, that detachment, in normal everyday life – woohoo! Join the soul-flow club!

      Thanks again for writing. Hugs!

      Mary Carol

  • I enjoyed your post, Mary Carol. As with you, I can walk into a room and pick up others vibes and it used to affect my day. If I’m not careful, I absorb others negativity, sadness, disquiet…but no longer. I’ve learned to distance myself. I still feel for others but I don’t allow their problems to affect me personally. Each of us has a path to live and me I want and consciously strive for mine to be filled with happiness, love, and wellness.

    • Hi Zequeatta,

      Good for you! I’m not yet totally able to shield myself from other’s emotions. Every once in awhile I still get blindsided, but less and less often. The easiest way for me to get past the intensity of it is to embrace it as another example of the awesomeness of being human – we get to experience ALL these emotions, and then more toward (as you say) happiness, love, and wellness!

      Thanks for writing! Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Elle says:

    What a great post Mary Carol and what a wonderful state of consciousness you’re operating from. Since our world is a product of our consciousness – your world sounds pretty darn good to me. 🙂

    Encourage one another.

  • Avatar Jenapher says:

    Phew! I am relieved to know that I am not the only one. I could have written this! 🙂
    I find that shaking off the parts your old life that don’t match your vibration anymore is not very easy, especially when those parts are people, but the great certainly outweighs the bad. Beautiful post!

    • Hi Jenapher,

      I hear you! I keep waiting for the day it gets easier, but… it doesn’t. In a way, it helps that it’s hard, because it makes me hesitate and make sure I’m listening from my heart and soul before making difficult changes. At the same time, people who are no longer a match vibrationally often just drift out of my life – no drama.

      And every time I make a big change, like not going to yoga for awhile, something awesome that I never even imagined shows up in my life.

      Embrace the difficulties – it’s all part of the amazing, incredible journey!

      Thanks for writing! Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar patricia says:

    Carol, I know this feeling very well.
    I went to a healing yoga class and my foot and leg got worse and worse…until I could barely walk.
    I have spent the last year sleeping so much

    This is my third day of a botanical healing/diet regime and the leg pain is gone and knee pain and my writing this morning was just full of joy. I knew I needed some kind of boost to overcome the stuck place I was in…I think the next 20 days will provide just that.
    I have energy
    I like staying at home. I celebrate my kindness
    I do pick up other’s feeling and am a mental empath – which I am still working out
    but I no longer hand around with folks who are negative to me…not worth it.

    It is a fairly amazing change. I love change.
    Being is quite difficult for me as my whole worth before has been about achieving and proving I am worthy. I like this space and feel more joy almost daily
    Good luck on your journey – thank you so much for sharing

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’m so glad you’ve found a diet regime that is making you feel great!

      I love your line: “I celebrate my kindness.” Way to go, Patricia! You do have a mountain of kindness to share.

      Shifting from worth-by-doing to worth-by-being is challenging. I’m still only partway along the path. Whenever I catch myself over-focusing on doing, I repeat, “just be, just be…”

      Wishing you more and more days filled with joy! Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Hi Mary,

    Great experience you are having here. It is wonderful when we get in touch with our “higher-self”, our soul, but it can be, indeed, a bit challenging at first.

    It’s very interesting how your soul let’s you know what works or not for “you” now by triggering your body senses and making your nauseous.

    I will go an read your other post were you are talking about your experience as well.

    • Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks for writing. I have a feeling the challenges will continue – I hope so! Right now I’m working through how to balance physical existence with spiritual existence. We’re neither all spirit nor all physical, and sometimes the pendulum swings one way, and sometimes the other. Two days ago I was so in touch with my Soul I felt like I was on a cloud all day, and then yesterday I ended up with heat exhaustion. Ha ha. Learning, learning…

      Do you have triggers from your soul that you recognize? I’m curious to know what they are.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Frank says:

    Great post Mary …

    I have a question that’s been bugging me for many months.

    I’m getting closer and closer, every day, to my Soul, my Big Me, I now ‘get it’ and this way happiness lies, exhilaration, pure joy, the lot. On the way are ‘downers’, people who actively choose to dwell on something that’s unsettling even though they were having a fun time moments prior. You call it LAW and I am becoming increasingly intolerant to this stuff as I vibrate higher.

    When it comes to significant others, what do I do? Melody, have you written about this? I can’t ignore my Soul yet I know I create my experience. I know I can view my situation with different lenses and improve my experience but many times I just don’t want to! I don’t want to be Mother Teresa all day to someone who wants to be in the Pity Pit much of the time.

    I’m just too close to see the woods for the trees, etc. on this subject. Any comment most welcome!

    • Hi Frank,

      What an excellent question! Whew! I think it could be a post in itself, but here goes for my initial reaction.

      I think once you are WHO YOU REALLY ARE, or your Soul, or however you want to designate it, you realize that everyone is a Soul, even those who aren’t yet aware of it. Then you automatically respond with love and compassion to that Soul in them, regardless of how they act.

      Melody calls it maintaining your own high vibration, not letting anyone else pull you down. I call it respecting the other person exactly as and where they are, and not judging.

      On a practical level, vibrations want to match up fairly closely. People who are “in the pity pit” for example, HAVE to try to bring you down to their level. It’s not that they’re bad people – it’s a law of vibration. When they find they can’t pull you down, either they HAVE to lift up their own spirit, or they HAVE to leave. Here’s where the respect comes in – it’s not your choice, and it’s not a matter for judgment. It just is.

      The best thing you can do, for yourself and everyone around you, is to maintain your non-judgmental, compassionate, high vibration and let those who want to, benefit by your presence in their lives. Some people aren’t ready yet to shift up, and we have to respect that too. All you can do is refuse to shift down – the rest is entirely their choice.

      A last thought is that when the person is someone you love, for example your child, the love doesn’t go away because the vibrations don’t match. You may spend some time apart, but the other person could match up with your vibration again fairly quickly, especially when your love and respect are constant in their lives. Everyone finds their own path, and sometimes they come back with a wealth of insight to share.

      I hope something in here is helpful. Thanks again for asking a great question!


      Mary Carol

    • Hey Frank,

      I agree 1000% with everything Mary Carol said.

      Here’s the thing: When you get to the point where you are holding your high vibration around those who are at lower frequencies, you are not aware of their lower frequencies. Basically, if you have a stable, high vibration, you will not be bugged by someone who’s bitching about their lives. They will be bugged by you, but that’s their problem.
      If they are bugging you, you are allowing them to affect you. Pay attention to how you feel and what exactly they are doing to trigger you. They are triggering a thought you have about yourself, and it’s actually THIS THOUGHT that is bugging you.
      When you find yourself in a situation where you are totally stable around someone with a lower vibration, you won’t feel like Mother Theresa, like you have to be the saintly one and put up with their grumpiness. You will just be happy. You can still be aware of them, but you will not feel their pain. This is something that’s generally hard for people to get their heads around – isn’t not feeling their pain the same as not caring? Nope. Not at all.

      Have I written about this? Oh hell yes. But not about spouses in particular, so I might have to churn out a blog post on that.

      But here are a few posts to get you started:


      Is that enough? 😀

      Huge hugs!

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