The Day I Met My Soul

[The following is another guest post from Lady Awesomesauce herself: Mary Carol Moran]

On Monday, April 9, 2012, I met my soul. I don’t remember the surrounding circumstances, but the event itself was crystal clear. All of a sudden, I was in the presence of my soul.

Here are my first impressions. Because I’m living in a female body, I’ll use feminine gender to describe her. It’s going to sound like my physical self and my soul are separate entities, but that’s not the way it is. I/me/physical/soul are all one, indivisible. But the pronouns get really confusing… hence the linguistic compromise.

She seems surprisingly young. I thought a soul would feel old, or at least have an old vibe. Instead, my soul is like a little kid: eager, alert, happy, innocent, pleased with everything.

My soul thinks it’s really fun having a body. Walking around with her is like taking a baby to the grocery store – all of a sudden, you notice the lights and colors and sounds that you’ve become immune to. Wow, grass is green! I mean GREEN! How cool is that? And my soul appreciates that I take reasonably good care of my body. Let’s have as much fun as we can for as long as we can in this body, okay?

My soul likes me

I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars: “She likes me! She really likes me!” The sense of validation, of acceptance, is overwhelming. I literally can do no wrong. She communicates that whatever I am, do, think, feel is absolutely great. She gives me, and empowers me to feel, unconditional love.

Along with liking me, she keeps me company. It’s like having a secret friend when you’re a kid. Which makes me wonder if children are a lot more in touch with their souls – if this sense of one-ness is something we outgrow, or are trained out of, and then work all our lives to regain.

She gives me opportunities to perceive in different ways. For example, my soul isn’t really “my” soul. It’s all one. She’s just the part of the whole that I’m most able to perceive in this body. Imagine you’re standing in the ocean. The water that touches your skin is the water you are most aware of, but it’s part of the same giant ocean as all the rest of the water. The soul is like that.

I understand now why humanity invented the word “God”

Talking about this vast stuff is close to impossible. As Lao Tzu said, paraphrasing drastically, “What you can say in words isn’t true, and what is true, you can’t put into words.” God is a great shorthand for the infinite, the universal, the ultimate, the tao, the soul.

So having just shot down everything I’m writing here, I’ll plow on. I have a spirit friend I call Red Dog, because in life he was a red dog whose name I never learned. I helped euthanize him when he was ready to go, and he offered to help me out with animals. He’s done so many times. At one point, I wondered if I was asking him for too much help. After all, he’s a dog, right? I didn’t want to wear him out.

He explained (this sounds like words, but the message didn’t come in words) that he’s God – yeah, the big God. And there’s no way to wear him out. He’s God, I’m God, you’re God, the rocks, the computer, the chair I’m sitting in, it’s all God.

Shortly after this ‘conversation,’ my soul introduced herself to me. I guess I was ready.

Meeting Who You Really Are

Many belief systems have a tradition of meeting the soul, of knowing who you really are. I wish I had a road map to share with you, but I think everybody probably finds their own path. I also wish I could tell you that once you meet your soul, all your problems will disappear. Sigh…

I can tell you that my soul loves it when my physical self is happy, and she also loves it when my physical self perceives problems. And because she loves it all, I’m able to keep a clearer perspective, to see difficulties as transitory opportunities, to remember that really, I am my soul, and it’s all good!

What are your experiences with soul, God, the universe? We always seem to have great conversations here on Melody’s blog. I can’t wait to read your comments! Giant happy shiny Red Dog hugs,

Mary Carol

Mary Carol Moran lives in Mexico, where she spreads love and awareness and poetry. Her latest project is an animal shelter for puppies and kitties. Check it out and support the site by liking it here: Amigos de Perros y Gatos Colima


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  • Avatar brian s. says:

    Did this happen during meditation? So in a quick sum up, you me we, really are happy Slappy shiny tiny puppy hugs to our bodies?

    • Avatar Mary Carol says:

      Hee hee, Brian!

      Yup, all that! We are the Hugs!!

      The meet up with my soul happened in a meditation after yoga class. The movement and focus relaxes me and opens everything up, so the meditations just flow. Now, my soul is with me all the time, meditating, typing on the computer… It’s amazingly awesome!

      You’re hugging me, I’m hugging you, we’re both hugging the Universe! What a great gift life is!

      Mary Carol

  • Hey Lady Awesomesauce —

    That was a fresh spring shower of goodness. From your light and zippy way in words it’s easy to feel the connection you’ve established.

    I met a spirit guide or soul aspect once in meditation, and was happily surprised to find she was as childful as you note above — playing a bit of hide and seek, slapping me whimsically with her tail (she didn’t have legs, it was more like she tapered off).

    Thank you for sharing this!


    • Avatar Mary Carol says:

      Hi Evan,

      Thank you for the kind words!

      I bet your happy spirit guide is eager to meet up with you again. Just believe, and it will happen. Oops – that sounds a little Peter Pan, doesn’t it?? Isn’t it fantastic that our spirits are having so much fun? We may as well let our physical manifestations join in the play.

      Shiny happy mermaid-ish hugs!

      Mary Carol

  • I’m also wondering if this happened during meditation.

    Maybe I’ve felt this way. I’d say I’ve felt very comfortable with my body in the background as it slowly melts away. I’ve never thought of the soul before, though.

    • Avatar Mary Carol says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Yes, it was during a meditation that we met, but we’ve been together ever since. Occasionally when my vibration lowers, I lose touch a bit, but I always know she’s there for when I get back to her level.

      The sensation for me isn’t a leaving of the body, but more like a heightened awareness. It keeps surprising me how very much my soul appreciates having a body!

      Wishing you a joyful, soul-fulfilling day with lots of hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Rox says:

    Happy Sunday to the mostest shiniest happiest puppy woman I know !! …Love always…the feral rabid kitten lol

  • Avatar Brian says:

    Hi Mary Carol, thank you for sharing this awesome experience, i had to read it twice and am still smiling all over the room lol.
    It’s so comforting and pleasant to know there is such a thing as our soul or spirit, even more so when a living being like you tells about since i find it so much easier to believe a real person than ancient writings, which are also often very metaphorical.
    So far i’ve only experienced tiny glimpses of enlightenment and holistic comprehension in dreams or during the semi–conscious state of awakening, although i’d so much love to obtain conscious access to this state of bliss and happiness.

    Head bonks and purrs


    • Avatar Mary Carol says:

      Hi Brian,

      I’m glad reading about my experience has brought you smiles!

      It’s still funny to me that it’s all so mundane – I mean the world keeps going. Right now I’d like to get out of the house for awhile, but I don’t have a car and it’s too hot to go for a walk. So I’m a little bored and in a shiny happy way enjoying the sensation of being a little bored. I’m so glad you are all writing comments! It’s a lot of fun answering them.

      For me, meeting my soul was a matter of letting go – letting go of past burdens, not by examining them but just by saying, so long – don’t need you any more. Letting go of fear of the unknown – that one held me back for awhile. My mantra is “embrace” – embrace the light, embrace the energy, embrace everything. Embrace all the stuff that initially makes me want to turn away.

      I think if you live the intention to as you put it “obtain conscious access to this state of bliss and happiness,” it will come. Just get as close as you can, as often as you can. Relax and enjoy the brief moments of connection! Once your soul knows you’re at a vibration to embrace the experience, it will appear to your conscious self and keep you company for the rest of your life.

      Thanks for the head bonks and purrs. Sending you back toe kisses and puppy dances!

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Becca says:

    What an inspiring and uplifting soul post to start the day. Glad i found your
    site and i think i keep coming back here to catch your latest post.

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  • Avatar Margie says:

    Happy Mother’s day!!! Great article.

    Love Margie

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  • Avatar Steve Rice says:

    This is such a beautiful experience and explanation of what it is like to experience life as human being. Thank you for sharing your perspective. It made me smile and say, “ahhhh…yes!” 🙂

  • This is really beautiful Mary Carol! I found myself wishing it were a book so I could curl up with your story and keep on reading.
    I don’t know that I’ve met my soul yet. I’ve never thought of it in those terms. I’ve had various spiritual experiences and have my “teams” so to speak! Maybe the meeting with my soul is still ahead of me? Maybe I’ll meet her as I refine my meditation practice and make it more regular. Ah bliss! Something to look forward to! 🙂

    • Thank you Lori! What a lovely compliment!

      I wasn’t expecting to meet my soul. I hadn’t really thought of it in those terms, actually. I had recently had some experiences of perceiving the oneness of everything, and then she just appeared. I wish I had a better explanation – but you are right that it is bliss all the time, even when it isn’t, if that makes sense.

      My guess would be that just relaxing into meditation is a better idea than trying to push or refine or entice or force anything. Embrace, embrace, embrace… relax into openness…

      Warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Mary Carol,
    I always enjoy your posts! I need to visit your blog!! I had an amazing soul meeting experience when I was in 5th grade. I made an amazing realization that I was the same person that was when I was younger and that I would be when I got older. I’ve never forgotten it. The experience would make a great post actually. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Betsy!

      I always enjoy reading your comments, too. And I have visited your blog and it is awesome!

      How lovely that you had a soul experience so young. There’s such a sense of recognition and warmth and love, I think you carry it with you for the rest of your life. I feel so blessed to be in touch all the time now. Even today, when I woke up a little grumpy from staying up too late reading a silly novel (!), I can hear my soul saying, well, that was an interesting experience! It’s like a giant shiny happy hug that goes on and on and on!

      Many happy Tuesday morning hugs to you,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Catrice says:

    Hey Mary Carol, I know this is an old post, but I just read it and wanted to share this cause it made me laugh uncontrollably hopefully it has the same effect on you, totally raised my vibration,. When I read “I have a spirit friend I call Red Dog, because in life he was a red dog whose name I never learned.” I was like ( his name is Clifford) lol— everytime I see clifford now Im gonna think of you, thanks for the post, very enlightening– hope you get the joke, but I know your kids are older so you may not know Clifford.

    • Hi Catrice,

      I love Clifford! My Red Dog spirit friend is kind of the anti-Clifford, size wise. When he died he was a very old still red cocker spaniel. We sat together enjoying the sun for his last few minutes. That afternoon is imprinted on my memory, and now he helps me whenever I need him.

      Thanks for writing. Giant Clifford-sized hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Hey dearest MC!

    I must share the occurence that I have been aware of other people’s souls as well as mine. I did not know what it was before being exposed to Abe and this wonderful blog. I am pretty sure this is it, though.

    Soul recogntion. Upon speaking with them, when trying to help them, even when they were in anger, I felt that was not it and that there was a huge entity beyond what I was expereincing before me that must have been their soul. At times, I was very moved with emotion upon experiencing that frequency, shall I call it, but it was pure and nice. Can’t explain anything more, but it sure is worth mentioning here. Thanks for that!

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