10 Ways to Let Go of Your Resistance


It’s time for another post from Lady Awesomesauce herself, Mary Carol Moran!

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon? It starts out with sand bags tied to the sides of the basket. Once it’s inflated, the operator starts releasing sand bags to allow it to ascend.

Well folks, 2012 is our hot air balloon, and we’re going up. Many people can feel the energy rising almost daily. We’re off the ground, and it’s time to let go of some sand bags.

Melody uses the metaphor in the Jesus post (wow, what a discussion) of being pulled up by a rope in one hand, while the other hand is still tied to the ground. If we don’t let go of the rope holding us down, or we’re going to get stretched more and more. Trouble is, letting go of the rope at the bottom is scary! I know I’ve felt resistance to the idea of giving up my resistances!

Sandbags = Resistance

For me, it’s a little easier to contemplate releasing one sand bag resistance at a time. How can we do that? Here are a few ideas that are working off and on for me. The metaphors are all mixed up, but it seemed better to record them in their natural state than to try to dress them all up as sandbags. This is an experimental practice, and I hope in the comments you’ll share what works for you.

  1. Try to release without wondering what you’re releasing. Just let go. Ask the Universe to release one sand bag, whatever it is, just to help you vibrate a bit higher. Each morning when I meditate after yoga, I visualize letting go. Often, it comes to me what I’m releasing, but sometimes I just feel a higher vibration.
  2. These can be really big sand bags! The biggie this morning was realizing that I need to let go of taking responsibility. Arrggg! I’m the responsible one! But the message I got loud and clear is that my taking responsibility robs the other being of empowerment. Even the dogs in the shelter. I can’t say I’ve successfully dropped the whole bag of being a responsible person, but I’m letting the sand out in a steady trickle. (I’ll keep thinking about this one and write a more complete explanation in another post.)
  3. A meditation technique that helps me is to visualize cleaning out a room in my head. I don’t need to poke through the contents, just shovel it out with a big snow shovel and throw it on the fire. To fit the hot air balloon metaphor, I could shovel it all into bags and throw them overboard.
  4. With the higher vibrations all around us, some dark places are becoming more visible. When you come to a scary spot, imagine standing back and shining a flashlight into the corner. This is a magic flashlight that eliminates everything unhelpful. If you want to take a look later, you’ll see that the scary corner is just a clean white space. One more sandbag dropped.
  5. Write it down. Writing these blog posts, which Melody is so kind to me to share with you all, helps me sort things out. It feels good to put my feet down and look around at where I am. Writing does that for me. Also, by sharing here, I get your feedback which helps me immensely. You can get the same benefit by participating in the comments.
  6. My beautiful yoga teacher, Liou, gave us a meditation from her native Mexican roots. Imagine yourself as a tree in the Fall, and the leaves are falling away. Let them fall, and feel your vibration rise. In the winter, our roots gather strength. Now it’s Spring, and we are fresh and green and nourished, ready for the incredible rising energy of 2012.
  7. Here’s another example of a sandbag. I love to read. I’ve read an average of three novels a week for 55 years. I’ve also written several novels, five published. This last month, I’ve stopped reading fiction. It doesn’t interest me anymore. This enormous pleasure in my life has become a sandbag, something whose time is past. Curiously, I’m not mourning.  It’s just done.
  8. If you’re feeling resistance to change, that’s normal! Some days I feel like I’m turning into a whole different person. It’s hard to let go and have faith that the future will be better than I can possibly imagine. When I feel myself doubting, I ask for help with accepting, and it always comes. A mantra I use is, “Embrace!” Embrace the light, embrace the energy. When the words become more than words, my vibration soars and the doubts disappear. (Later they come back and I do it all again, but that’s the process!)
  9. As we rise up in the vibration basket, sometimes it feels like there’s less oxygen. This can be an exhausting time and process. Give yourself a break! Sleep a lot! Play! Have fun!
  10. If you feel stuck and you can’t figure out why, just ask for your vibration to rise. I asked one morning and watched as the vibration rose up my eyes, past the iris, past the whites. It was weird but also wonderful. You could imagine your balloon rising, all the sandbags falling off, ahhh!!

Limiting beliefs block our reception of LOA desires, kind of like static on an old TV. With the energy of 2012, I’m working on clearing the whole screen by releasing all resistance, dropping the sandbags one by one, mostly without examining them. My intuition, or spirit guide, or Higher Self, tells me that once the screen is clear, once I’m floating way up there, the vista will be awesome, literally out of this world!

What are you doing to accommodate the rising energy of 2012? Are you experiencing higher highs and some yucky resistance-lows? Melody’s amazing readers, please share your thoughts and experiences!

Blowing kisses from my hot air balloon to yours,

Mary Carol

Mary Carol Moran lives in Mexico, where she spreads love and awareness and poetry. Her latest project is an animal shelter for puppies and kitties. Check it out and support the site by liking it here: Amigos de Perros y Gatos Colima

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  • Awesome post, Mary!

    I particularly like the sandbag metaphor 🙂

    What if I resist letting go of resistance 😛 (<– me being an ass)

    P.S. My parents live in Merida, Mexico 😉

    • Hi Jason,

      At some level, I think everybody resists letting go of resistance, especially when where we are is comfortable.

      Friday morning I felt like I was in a great place, then an incident triggered an old, deep hurt. In about fifteen minutes, I ran through anger at the person who had provoked the old emotion, hurt all over again from a distant past, fear that I wasn’t as at peace as I had hoped, and worry that I had no idea how to let go of the pain.

      Then I realized what a wonderful lesson the Universe had just given me, and was flooded with gratitude. I thanked the person who had unknowingly provoked it all. The emotion isn’t a hot button any more, but I do have some accepting to do to release all the sand from this particular bag.

      I haven’t explored a lot of the rest of Mexico, but Colima is awesome!

      What are your sandbags, Jason? Can you share a success?

      Warm Sunday morning hugs,

      Mary Carol

      • Woo… eye-opening story, Mary, much appreciated 🙂 I think it looks good on you that could move through those phases in 15min.

        For me, I was born and raised a ‘genius’, and I spent the last 7 years (and counting) of my life studying and mastering positivity, letting go, and releasing resistance.

        I find that the main thing I end up releasing is people.

        I know I ryze in vibration pure and powerful, and while I’d love for everyone to join my pace and direction, it seems for me, at least recently the only “sandbags” are the people I care about and desire to grow with me.

        So I let them go.

        And they usually come back 😉

        Fun times 😛

        • Hi Jason,

          For sure people can be sandbags. Which doesn’t mean anything bad about them, just that they are no longer a match, at least for now. Just like there’s nothing wrong with reading novels, but the activity no longer matches my vibration.

          The genius tag brings a lot of freight with it. Feeling different isn’t easy. How wonderful that you’ve found a happy place!

          More hugs,


          • Thanks for the encouragement. And I focus on viewing my caring and focus on people close to me as the sandbag, not the people themselves, y’know?

            Anyway, it’s all a journey, and I care deeply and passionately about people’s happiness and success, so releasing ‘people’ has been a big thing for me. It’s a great part of my story.

            Most other subjects I feel pretty comfortable / at-peace with 🙂 (but life always goes deeper :D)

            I set the bar with stuff like this: http://ryzeonline.com/transforming-destructive-relationships-as-easy-as-improv


            Like I said, they always come back. 2 years later, 4 years later. Whenever the time’s right.

          • Sounds like the same lesson I’ve learned volunteering at animal control. When I ‘care’ too much, I just get the the way of the animal’s own energy and path. Tough to learn, but a powerful lesson. Releasing their fate has let me enjoy every moment with them, and has left them free to find their best possible forever home. Thanks again for your always thoughtful comments, Jason.


        • Avatar Kat says:

          Hi Jason.

          Just a question. For those who you would love to have join you, if they are not “vibing” with you at the moment (i.e. meeting you vibrationally), you let them go, not worry about it at all and then you find they come back, right? It may take longer than a few months for some, but, then again, time is not the factor here anyway.

          • Hi Kat! I’m so glad you added to the discussion here.

            Yep, the way it looks is this:

            It looks like I want them to join me.

            (and every fiber of my being wants them to. Like, please, I love life and I celebrate and I want everyone to succeed — so please, join me.)

            And it *looks* like they want to join me.

            (Oh yeah, J, we’ll help, we’re friends, we’re make some moves and take some leaps of faith too!)

            But only the universe knows how and when and everyone’s true intent and true best paths.

            So, even if it looks like these people are meant to be in my life, I trust my heart and my feelings, never compromise, and I let them go.

            Some have taken years to return.

            Example from TODAY!

            If you’ve read my story of ‘harsh betrayal’ by Hailey (an ex) here: http://ryzeonline.com/painful-withdrawal-from-a-different-kind-of-addiction

            Then you have a good starting point for someone I had to let go, but it wasn’t my #1 choice.

            Well, it’s been about a year, and JUST TODAY, she ADDED me on PINTEREST.

            I’m like… WTF?


            Now, it’s not much, and possibly Pinterest did it automatically for her, but it’s some kind of connection. Will she come back into my life in some way? Maybe. Will she remain on a different path? Maybe.

            Do I care? Not really. I wake up everyday and focus on amazing, wonderful, fulfilling things — I give no airtime to doubt and attachment.

            So… does that shed light on things Kat?

          • Avatar Mary Carol says:

            Hi Kat and Jason,

            Letting go doesn’t have to mean not seeing the person. It may just mean letting go of your expectations for their behavior. This has happened to me twice lately. In one case, I realized that the person was actually embarrassed and not rejecting me. In the second case, I let go of wanting the person’s approval and everything lightened up immediately.

            Thank you both for rejoining the conversation! Hugs,

            Mary Carol

          • Avatar Kat says:

            Wow, Mary Carol, thanks for the examples! Indeed, letting go is a tool of sorts in LOA and not being attached to events and outcomes, yet still setting off a rocket of desire for what we want.

  • Avatar kelli says:

    Hi Mary
    The last several months I have reached a new level in my personal development work and have made some significant changes. Like many people, outside circumstances really shifted and it was sink or swim and it forced me to get serious in applying principles I knew to be true but were not fully embracing. A lot of resistance has naturally come up as a result of this but I have been getting better at just sitting with these things and feeling them. We cannot let something go until we embrace it and I am becoming better at being honest with myself about my blocks and doing what I need to do to get rid of them. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Kelli,

      Thank you for sharing your story! Often we don’t need to embrace old problems in order to let them go. The idea of examining old hurts blocked me for years, because I just didn’t want to re-experience the pain. But pain happens once; suffering goes on and on. The more we think about the pain, the more we suffer. Who needs that??

      A lot of my growth this year has come from letting go of the question, “Why?” For me it works just as well to say, “Whomp! Dropping a sandbag! Enough said.” You don’t need to ‘do’ anything, just release! How cool is that!

      If the issue is too big to drop the whole sandbag, I imagine letting the sand trickle out. Either way, it’s impersonal. No suffering – just a process.

      Sounds like you are experiencing a lot of growth. Maybe the process can be a little easier than you thought.

      Happy hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Mary Carol,
    This is WONDERFUL! I love the idea of letting go without even knowing what (as in #1). All good tips and I have several people I’d like to send this to. Thank you!!

  • Avatar Fran Sorin says:

    Melody….a great post. I love the offering from your yoga teacher
    “My beautiful yoga teacher, Liou, gave us a meditation from her native Mexican roots. Imagine yourself as a tree in the Fall, and the leaves are falling away. Let them fall, and feel your vibration rise. In the winter, our roots gather strength. Now it’s Spring, and we are fresh and green and nourished, ready for the incredible rising energy of 2012.”.

    Tomorrow morning when I meditate, I’ll be using Liou’s meditation. xxoo-Fran

    • Thanks Fran!

      Liou is Mayan by birth and tradition, and one of the wisest women I know. I’m so glad you appreciate her meditation. She is on a vision quest this week, and I know the good thoughts from people here on the blog are helping her. She asked her friends to eat and drink for her, as she is doing a total fast for four days. Think of her out on the mountain tomorrow morning, and I imagine you will feel her strength and support.


      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Brenda says:

    Mary, thank you for this wonderful post on resistance!! I have had my trials the last few months and am thankful for the inspiration of releasing those sandbags!! Sometimes it seems we can be our own worst enemies when the answers are so simple..quite grasping!!
    Like Fran, I loved the meditation that your yoga teacher Liou gave you. Trees are my inspiration for strength. Bending with rather than fighting against, standing so proud and tall, and accepting that they can not provide shade for everyone.

    Take care and keep doing your good work in the world!!

    In Joy,

    • Wow Brenda! Thank you!

      You might enjoy the response above to Fran’s comment about Liou.

      I love your description of trees. I’ve started sculpting in wood and stone, and the vitality of the material astounds me. To me, wood is just as alive when I work with it as it is standing in a tree. If you haven’t tried woodworking, you might want to give it a go. It’s awesome, and not as difficult as it looks.

      Good luck with the sandbags! Whomp!!

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar aylin says:

    I thought I was lonely for a long time in the subject of adapting to the changes in my life.Besides I was always looking for a way to let go all the bad things make me feel bad.Even reading the techniques made me feel good.I will try them.Although I wanted and still want to change,sometimes it feels difficult.I thought the only person living that process was me 🙂 It’s a relief….everything is so connected.Thank you for this precious post 🙂

    • Hi Aylin!

      Thank you for your comment. It’s easy to feel alone these days. Some days I too wonder if I’m the only one whose life keeps turning upside down. Melody’s blog helps so much – she gives us a place and a stimulus to share our thoughts and hugs.

      Adapting to change isn’t easy, even when you want and welcome the changes! And sometimes the stuff we’re letting go has served us well for a long time. I let go of driving this afternoon (gave away my truck!) – I know it was the right choice, but whooeey – biggee!

      One thing that helps me is to imagine the amazing and wonderful things that I can’t even picture that are coming to fill up the space I’ve made in my life by letting go. No specific directions to the Universe, just woohoo! Bring it! Today was awesome – tomorrow will be even awesomer!

      You are a precious person. Many hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar patricia says:

    Another awesome post Mary Carol – Thank you for sharing,

    I am doing a book review for April 4th that is about this very thing from a Psychologists point of view – how to change your thinking so that you can lighten up and move on to your joy… I can’t spill the beans here because I need folks to purchase this book off of Patricias Wisdom next week..

    I have been having a hard time over that past numerous years of losing weight. I follow the scripts and medical details and make up my own /measuring all my food etc. I have decided this year to stop writing down all that I am eating everyday – even on my fitbit – I am tired of trying to prove to folks that I am not making it up 2011 I lost a grand total of 2 pounds – so then “they” suggest I am exercising too much or not in balance or just hereditary challenged…all that blame and my self blaming too..
    I used the 4 steps of this book and figured out how to hear what my subconscious was saying….It was not the belief I thought it was…

    It was abandonment – as in my sister deserting me time and time again with threats when she was supposed to be caring for me and my Father’s saving the world/never home and then dying young….abandonment.

    My subconscious mind is holding on to this extra weight…because it is determined… my weight will not abandon me…
    Now I am going to take your list of 10 and work on letting go….When I figured this out last Thursday night ( it is now Sunday) I felt lighter right away and all the folks in my yoga class thought I seemed lighter and more fun all evening – even the instructor commented at the end of class! I find I have lost 5 pounds already and my stunning salads are looking beautiful again….

    In 2 weeks I am reviewing a cookbook which is about anti aging and sustainability. I did not want to make the recipes for me to eat, because many contain grains that my partner can not eat and I want to just eat what feels right not me….as I feel lighter, I decided to ask 2 of my neighbors if they wanted to do the taste testing, one is a master French chef. They both were excited about the possibility and between them are making 6 of the recipes and will report back.
    Lots of things are falling into place.
    I did not let my partner intimidate me into speed walking an extra mile this morning, because my knees and heel said – enough.

    Then a friend who reviews movies on his blog – Wonders in the Dark – just sent me a packet of his preview movies for 2011, so I could see some of the things that may never come to my town – better than chocolate!
    Treats come in many different packages This is another Thank you

    • Hi Patricia,

      How wonderful that things are coming together for you. Enjoy the movies! I hope you can use these ten ideas to help you let go of a few more resistances.


      Mary Carol

    • Congratulations on your breakthrough Patricia!!! Figuring out the core belief will bring relief in itself. And now, you can reach for the opposite and work your way towards that.

      Happy healing and whooohooo!


  • Avatar Farnoosh says:

    An incredible blog post, Mary, but let me really understand this: “I’ve read an average of three novels a week for 55 years.” Seriously? I am envious …. how does it feel to do that? I realize you have lost some interest in fiction but is that because of reading too much – or so much I should say – or because your interests changed? I am very curious. Thanks so much, Mary, for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Farnoosh,

      An interesting question. I used to read for an hour or two every evening, relaxing in bed. I don’t think I burned out on reading. I doubt it would have lasted 55 years if it were something I could burn out on. My best guess is that my vibration has risen to the extent that I no longer feel interested in escaping my life by entering someone else’s (through reading). If I was using reading as an escape, then losing the desire makes some sense. Part of what amazed me was how fast it happened. One day I was reading voraciously, and the next day I got bored after a few pages of the exact same book!

      Have you had a similar experience, perhaps with another activity?

      Thanks again for an interesting question! Hugs,

      Mary Carol

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  • Avatar Glynis says:

    I would have seen this post in my inbox yesterday except I was. . . get this, getting rid of something that wasn’t working and getting something new. Does this mean my vibration is high enough?

    I suppose it all depends on what that something was that I got rid of, how attached I was to it. What I did was a started my blog all over again instead of try to figure out how to fix the one I had when I really don’t know enough of the ‘back the scene’ stuff. I could have asked for help but how long that would have taken to evolve is unclear. So I dumped the WP at my site and got a new one. I am currently taping back in posts that I lost.

    • Wow Glynis!

      What a great example of letting go of something that no longer matches, and receiving something awesome! How excellent that you have a new and improved blog. Congrats!

      Hugs and tons of energy for continued success,

      Mary Carol

  • Great post Mary Carol!

    Resistance is the source of most of our suffering. And it’s amazing how much we resist without realizing it. The sandbag metaphor is a great one!

    My signal to look for what I’m resisting is to basically notice when something or someone is bothering me. It wouldn’t bother me if I wasn’t resisting something about it. At that point I take a deep breath and look inside and work on letting the resistance go. The source of my resistance is often a feeling of being unable to control a person or situation. I have to remind myself of how little I can really control and accept that. Sometimes I can accept more easily than others but I at least know what I need to work on.

    Thanks again for a great post!

    • Hi Paige,

      I love the idea of looking for the irritant inside the package. No need to throw away the baby if all we really want to do is change the bath water. Hee hee. Control has always been a big button for me too. You’ve given me a nudge toward double-checking for a control issue when something minor bugs me. Thank you!!


      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Brian says:

    Hi Mary Carol, thank you for this great post – i can’t wait to hear more about the dogs in the shelter and your responsibility!

    The tree meditation is wonderful, i use a similar one with a waterfall and an albatross. I am the albatross and just lift off to get a broader perspective. That’s similar to Google earth, one can rise higher and higher until the details disappear and a pattern appears.

    Things are going great, i love my work and participate in some projects my sister runs – we’ve always worked together very well and productive, so this is an almost ideal solution.

    As you say, there’s so much energy around us, it’s downright exhilarating!

    Big bear hugs to you and yours


    • Hi Brian,

      Melody is planning to run the responsibility (dog shelter) post next Sunday, I think. Thanks for anticipating it!

      My albatross is a dragon, not a fire-breathing one (well, occasionally), but a beautiful silver dragon that soars and soars.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying some projects. My sister just visited me in Mexico, and we were so high vibration the whole time, the days flew by. agree – this 2012 energy is amazing and exhilarating!

      Bear hugs back,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Nathalie says:

    Wow, Mary Carol! This was awesome. I’m seriously going to be using your mantra from Number 8. This is something I’ve been struggling with lately — I’ve been feeling myself changing, in some very fundamental ways in the last few months. I supposed it’s probably been longer than that if I really wanted to start looking at it. Sometimes I am just so excited about all of this, to the point that I feel like I can barely contain my bouncy-happy-exhiliration. And then sometimes, I start to doubt myself… I’m not sure it’s fear of the changing, so much as a fear of what other people are going to say or think about it. And then I get really bothered by the fact that I care at all about what other people think about me or what I do. I love that mantra, though… I think it’s really going to help! (Thank you so much for sharing that!) 🙂

    • Hi Nathalie,

      You’ve described my emotional swings to a T. Supremely happy, mildly doubting, then doubting myself for doubting! The two things that help me the most are the mantra “Embrace” while meditating, and simple gratitude/appreciation. The minute I focus on how great XYZ already are, my spirits lift and I’m back to supremely happy!

      Thank you for sharing your story. We’re all in the balloon together, or each in our own balloon and waving to each other, or… whatever!! It’s an awesome ride!


      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Me says:

    Isn’t Resistance our TOOL to help us learn to FEEL energy balance from within the body
    form, helping us determine where wave form ends and physical realm begins,
    helping us to slow down while we all catch up to help co-create our physical
    realm in synch together. Otherwise without resistance, wouldn’t we continue
    on into nothingness, for resistance helps create mass (i.e.Physical Realm)?


    • Hi Me,

      I think we’re using slightly different connotations of resistance. In terms of physics, you are absolutely correct. And that holds up for pure energy too. Resistance is a defining characteristic of matter.

      I was thinking of a more everyday meaning of resistance, as in an old idea or concept that holds you back unnecessarily. These I think we can let go without spinning off into nothingness.

      Thank you for asking a clarifying question!

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Me says:

    If you are aware of your own darkness you can consciously connect it to the spectrum of your attention that includes your greatest light. In this way, you will live in unity and will not be at all vulnerable to any entity that lives in separation. On the other hand, if you separate yourself from your darkness in order to experience your light, you are still experiencing separation, as you have allowed one portion of yourself to become “unconscious” to another portion of yourself. If you are vibrating to separation, then you are susceptible to others who vibrate to separation. Then, their focus on the darkness can expand the darkness within you. However, if you have unified your own darkness with your own light, then you are protected by your own circle of awareness.

    • Hi Me,

      Another interesting point! Suffering comes from holding on to old hurts past their sell-by date. Shining a light on old pain and allowing it to wash away isn’t alienating ourselves from it, but rather accepting it without heat. I don’t think oneness needs to include suffering. In fact, I think accepting old pain as a fact but no longer a hot button allows me to integrate the dark and light. As long as I think of dark as dark, it’s not part of the light. Once I bring that part of me out of suffering and into acceptance, it becomes part of my light.

      I think we’re both saying the same thing, just using different words. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Me says:

    I really like this discussion, it really shines a light on a topic I’ve been meditating upon for a long time. There are some finer points that I’m still not clear on.
    You mention the “sell-by-date” of old hurts. This implies that our suffering has a useful purpose up to a point. How would you determine that point? You speak of allowing old pain to wash away and in an earlier post, you mention letting go of old ideas.
    The way you phrase it makes it sound so easy, but it seems to me to be a long slow process to overwrite my initial emotional programming. I’m wondering how you suggest someone might just “let go”.

    • Hi Me,

      I’m enjoying this discussion too. Thank you for participating! I had an aunt named Mary Ellen and we used to call her ME.

      I’m not sure about timing on pain and suffering. To me it’s not so much that suffering for a little while has a purpose, but just that initially it may be impossible to separate from pain. If I bang my thumb with a hammer, it hurts. Pretty soon it stops hurting. Suffering comes if I continue to beat myself up emotionally for hitting my thumb in the first place.

      Once the puzzle piece clicks into place, it is easy to release suffering. Different metaphors and images work for different people. The key is to believe that it’s possible. It’s not so much overwriting as erasing the chalkboard without even reading what was there. Like everyone, I can hear a message a dozen times, and then on the thirteenth, wham! I get it.

      Here’s an example. I wanted to release obsessive thoughts about my dog eventually dying, but I couldn’t figure out how. I wrote it down and asked for help. The next day, out of the blue, a friend offered me a place in her garden to bury my dog when the time came. I realized that my anxiety was about arrangements (puzzle piece), and the worry that had plagued me for months dissolved instantly. Now my dog and I can spend more years enjoying our lives together, and when she does die, I know her passing will be surrounded with love.

      When you are ready, when the puzzle piece clicks in, you will release whatever aspect of suffering you were holding onto. And each time you release, the next time will become a little easier. It’s like we can wear a path through the field.

      Thank you again for sharing the journey! I’m not sure exactly when she is planning to publish it, but Melody has another article of mine that goes a bit deeper into this subject. The discussion continues!

      Warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

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  • […] will you create?  You can get caught up in your own drama (i.e. woe is me), creating a week of resistance to all the amazing experiences that await you. Or you can create magical moments of happiness by […]

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  • Great positive post!

    It’s true that we often have to let go of our internal fears and resistance. Sometimes, however, it is our loved ones that are trying to keep us from growing… and they do it out of love!
    Learning to communicate with them why you feel ready for change will help them to let you go.

    • Hi Mouty,

      Thanks for writing. The key to it all is respect. We have to respect our own process, and let go emotionally of what needs to fall away. But that doesn’t necessarily mean changing our outward, physical life. Sometimes it does, but sometimes the internal shift is what we really need.

      Along with respecting ourselves, we need to respect those around us. As you point out, they are acting from love. Everyone is doing the best they can, emotionally and mentally, at every moment. If it feels like someone is holding you back, that can point you inward to your own inhibiting beliefs.

      When energy/vibration doesn’t match up, something will give. Maintain your own high vibration, and the other person will either move up to meet you, or move away to follow their own path. No judgment, neither is better or worse. It just is.

      Thanks again for writing,

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Mouty says:

        Thank you Mary Carol,

        I really like this part :
        “Maintain your own high vibration, and the other person will either move up to meet you, or move away to follow their own path. “

        • Thanks for responding, Mouty! I needed to read this exchange again to help me with a situation in my own life today. The Universe brings us what we need at the exact moment we need it – awesome!

          Enjoy the journey! Hugs,

          Mary Carol

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Hi Melody,

    I was wondering if you could write a post like this yourself. These methods don’t particularly resonate with me.

    • Hey Alice,

      You’re not going to resonate with every single post on this site. And that’s ok. There are so many. The same topics do come up more than once and are covered from different angles. In many ways, every single post on this site is about releasing resistance. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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