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Ok everyone. I’ve decided to take a few days off over the holidays, so this will be my last post in 2011. This is the first break I’ve taken since I launched this blog on February 6th this year, and so I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for the wee absence. As tradition dictates, I’ll be ringing in the New Year at a beautiful spa in northern Italy and taking some time to reflect on 2011, as well as get my energy all lined up for 2012. Oh, and get a massage or twenty. As you do.

But not to worry my pretties, I shall not leave you without reading material. If you’re getting my newsletter, you’ll have received a little piece of good feeling news each week. With the Mainstream news generally focusing on what’s wrong with the world, I like to share a little something that went right. I thought it might be fun to review some of this good news, especially as we get ready to step into the New Year. An amazing amount of awesome crap happened in 2011. Here are 25 yummy stories, arranged in no particular order.

Warning: It’s about to get all gushy up in here. I just want to say that words can’t really describe how much I appreciate all of you (but you know me, I’ll still give it a shot!) My heart is so full of love and gratitude and appreciation and happy shiny puppy hugs for all of you who read my words, take the time to write back to me (either in comments or by email), who subscribe to my newsletter (I don’t take you trusting me with your email address lightly in this time of spam), who trust me with your issues and dreams and allow me to connect with you and build a bridge for you so that you can remember what you already know. I feel honored and privileged to have each and every one of you in my life.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday season/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter (or summer in the southern hemisphere/whatever. Gushy time over.

Oh, and for all of you waiting for my online coaching to go live, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve manifested some wonderful angels in the lawyering/accounting/banking world and we’ve almost got it all worked out (also, I uncovered some resistance on my part that I finally cleared.) I should be able to unlock that door as soon as I get back from vacay at the start of January 2012.

Until then, enjoy some happy news:

It’s like an adult version of Oliver. Wait… that came out wrong

You may remember this homeless man in Ohio, who impressed a passing reporter with his “Golden Voice”. As a result of that video, Ted Williams was offered a dream job with the Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball team), an appearance on the Today show and… a house. Oh hell yes! Watch the video here.

Overcoming a crippling condition

This is SUCH an inspiring story. Virtuosic pianist, Byron Janis, used the power of his mind to overcome a crippling condition. I find it particularly interesting that Byron’s condition cleared up completely following a shift of energy, and although clearly there is still work to be done, I think this is a fantastic demonstration of what our minds are capable of (and of LOA!!!). Watch the video here.

Rehabilitating gang members with chips and salsa

I love stories that show how one individual with a big heart and a belief in people can make a huge difference. Check out this short news video and see how Homeboy Industries, a company started to help counsel and rehab former gang members, hits the big time as a major supermarket chain begins distributing their products. Watch the video here.

The midwife on a mission

An inspiring story of the difference one person’s determination and belief can make. Ruth Lubic, an 81 year old nurse and midwife is battling infant mortality and premature births in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Washington D.C. with astounding success. Read the story and/or watch the video here.

Give the boy a hand! (Oh Gawd. I’m going to hell…)

10-year-old Nicholas Maxim, who was born without hands, won a contest for – get this – penmanship. It’s so incredible what the human spirit can accomplish as long as no one convinces us that we can’t. Love it!! Read the full story here.

Think it’s impossible for a nation to get out of heavy debt? Think again!

Late last summer, the war-ravaged West African country of Liberia quietly achieved something the United States and many other Western countries have never managed to do: It got rid of its external debt. All of it.  An inspiring story of how a different sort of leader, Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is turning around this country, once ravaged by corruption and debt. I see this as a testament that any situation, no matter how dire it may seem, can be turned around. Kind of puts things in perspective… Read the full story here.

Give the woman a hand! Oh wait… They did. Yay!

For the first time in five years, Emily Fennell has two hands. The 26-year-old mother, who lost her right hand in a traffic accident several years ago, is reuniting with her doctors to show off her new donated hand.

I find the advancement of our medical procedures fascinating. While I study energy and the energy body and know that on a purely theoretical level our bodies have the ability to heal any wound, even to the extent of growing a new limb, I also know that we are only capable of doing that which we believe that we can.

Medical science can help us to bridge that gap. Until the day that we can fix our own vision, for example, laser surgery can do it for us. We can believe that with a doctor’s help, our vision will be fixed. And with a team of surgeons, we can have a new hand.  Read the full story here.

A blind man who taught himself to see

I always love stories about people who have learned to use their normal, human bodies (the same model we all have) in extraordinary, groundbreaking ways. This is a fantastic example of how we can move way beyond what we think is “normal” if we aren’t limited by conventional thinking.

Daniel Kish has been sightless since he was a year old. Yet he can mountain bike. And navigate the wilderness alone. And recognize a building as far away as 1,000 feet. How? The same way bats can see in the dark. Read the full story.

Wavy Gravy. Now I want ice cream…

The late 60’s were a little before my time, but I’m still inspired by this story about Wavy Gravy, who now calls himself an “intuitive clown” (I LOVE that!), and at 75 is going stronger than ever. His camp for kids teaches them self esteem and confidence and his charity concerts, which include performances by the Grateful Dead, have given over 3 million blind people their sight back. I especially love how this video clearly shows how one connected individual who is truly in the zone is inspiring and affecting all those around him. They are just swept up by his incredible energy and enthusiasm. Watch the 3 minute video here.

Dance baby, dance!

This is a short one, but it made me happy. A dancing traffic cop in the Philippines proves that if you choose to, you can make any job fun and use it to spread joy to others. Wouldn’t you love seeing this guy directing traffic on your way to work? Watch the short video here.

Changing lives one burger at a time

I love stories about businesses who’ve found a way to truly make a difference. I personally think that we can change the world through innovative and creative business ideas. From products that change our lives, to business models that benefit the community and actually enhance the lives of their employees, anything is possible.

A homeless shelter in Huntington, Indiana, has opened a burger joint staffed almost exclusively by homeless men. The employees are learning valuable skills and getting a chance to re-enter society. What really struck me is how happy one of the men being interviewed was. There is no one who cannot find their joy, no matter how dire their situation seems. I found this story truly inspiring. Read the story or watch the short video here.

The Good Samaritan

This beautifully written story centers around an act of kindness that befell British writer Bernard Hare in 1982, which changed him profoundly. Then a student living just north of London, he tells this story to inspire troubled young people to help deal with their disrupted lives. You might want to grab some tissues before you read the story here.

100 pound weight loss

As some of you may know, one of my “accomplishments” is that I was able to release about 100 pounds of excess fat. I love weight loss success stories. They’re so inspiring. They show us what’s possible – basically if they can do it, maybe we can too…

Today’s video focuses on Bree Boyce, the recently crowed Miss South Carolina, who made a dramatic change when she shed more than 100 pounds. I especially love how she focuses on the change in her mindset, and on now inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. Watch the video here.

Angels are everywhere. Even at the gym. You know how sometimes a machine is all sweaty, but you didn’t see who left it that way? That’s right: Angels

Think it’s not possible to have a positive attitude towards exercise? This story will change your mind. Healthworks, a gym in Boston, caters to low income and homeless women and offers completely free memberships to those who qualify for them. The fitness center has become a lifeline for many, providing opportunities to get diabetes and other medical issues under control and offering a sense of community and support. The gym was slated to close its doors due to lack of funding, but at the last moment, an “angel” stepped in and saved the day.

The joy these women felt when the news of the anonymous donor hit is so inspiring, it makes me want to go out and pass out free gym memberships… Even if you hate exercise, and have no intention of ever changing your mind about it, I think this article will show you how different perspectives can lead to completely different emotional reactions to the same situation. In other words, when you look at exercise one way, you might hate it. But change your point of view, and the fact that a gym is able to stay open could have you crying and hugging your neighbor. Read the whole story here.

Scuba diving helps troubled teens. Dolphins may or may not be involved. Ok, not. It’s still totally worth watching, though

I’m always on the lookout for programs that help people by opening their world and allowing them to see possibilities that they were never aware of. AMIkids is a program that serves 9,000 teens in the juvenile justice system in nine states. They expose these young adults to experiences such as Scuba diving and make their school work relevant to real life activities. Watch the short but inspiring video here.

Stuff we think just doesn’t happen

If you heard about a 9-year old boy who left his wallet with over $300 in it on the counter of a convenience store, and someone asked you what you thought the chances were of him getting it back, you’d probably answer something in the vicinity of slim to none. You’d think that the boy had learned a harsh but necessary lesson. Well, get ready to change that belief. Read the short news article here.

Bad ass grannies

I LOVE this story. There’s an increase in older women now getting some body ink. Now, regardless of what you think of tattoos, I love the idea of these women (some of them not really “older”) finding ways to empower and express themselves in ways that are uniquely their own. Who says that you have to be a prim and proper little old lady (or little old man)? It’s never too late to be who you are, whether that involves tattoos, a cross country RV trip, painting classes or bungee jumping. Go for it granny! Click here to watch the video. I dare you not to be inspired to grow old non-gracefully!

You shall not die alone!

What do you do if you’re single, with no family anywhere near you, and you get seriously ill? With the decentralization of families everywhere, this is an issue that’s becoming more and more pertinent all the time. Today’s article describes how a group of friends answered that question and started what will hopefully turn into a major movement. I think it’s wonderful how the human spirit always finds a way to fill those gaps that are created by societal shifts. Click here to read this wonderful article.

Burning man. For real… (again, going to hell)

If you’ve ever watched a movie or seen the news and witnessed the phenomenon of people milling around an accident and being frozen in the moment, you might have experienced some anger or at least frustration. We all know that fear or voyeurism can sweep through a crowd and render them passive and unhelpful, but we all like to think that in that same situation, we’d take control and assist.

Well, it’s also possible for a different energy, the energy of helping and doing what needs to be done, the energy of courage and cooperation to sweep through the crowd of onlookers. That’s what happened when a young college student in Utah was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle. As the cycle burst into flames, the young man was trapped underneath the car. But instead of freezing and gawking, the group of onlookers quickly united, lifted the car off of the injured body and saved the young man’s life. Click here to watch this amazing and inspiring video.

Science proves LOA! Well, a little bit of it (it’s still cool, though)

Science is slowly but steadily figuring out how these Law of Attraction principles work. Here’s some more proof: Overconfidence, the kind the Muhammad Ali displayed, has often been seen as something to be avoided. “Don’t get too big for your britches” and “Don’t get a big head”, are warnings that everyone’s heard. We’re supposed to be cautious until we have proof of our abilities, and even when we do, for God’s sake, don’t acknowledge them too much.

Well, a new study has now debunked all that as bull crap. Overconfidence, or believing in yourself even before you have the actual evidence to “prove” that you can do something, is actually good for you and will lead to success much more often than underconfidence. Well, duh. We LOA people have known that for years, but isn’t it nice to see that the rest of society is catching up? 🙂 Read the short but enlightening article here.

Classical music stops gang wars! Or something… (I should probably lay off the eggnog…)

This story made me cry with joy and enthusiasm (ok, it’s not that hard to get me worked up, but still…) I LOVE examples that show how expecting the best of people instead of the worst will allow them to rise to those expectations. When Dr. Margaret Martin witnessed a group of gang members stop and become enthralled with a young boy playing Brahms on his violin, she had a powerful realization that sparked the creation of a wonderful program for inner city kids in L.A. Watch the short video here and prepare to be inspired!

MurmerMurmorMuumuu… Cool ass shit with birds

You have to watch this video. When two friends set off on a canoe on River Shannon, Ireland, they had no idea that they were about to witness a murmuration of starlings in the sky. Don’t worry. I’d never heard of it, either. This amazing phenomenon isn’t yet completely understood, but holy hell is it awesome. Nature, my friend, you kick some serious butt. Watch the 2 minute video here.

Who you callin’ old?

Ok, seriously, I don’t care who you are, you are going to love this story. Helga Bolgar is 102 years old, sharp as a tack, still working four days a week, and one of the most positive role models you’ll ever encounter. If you’ve ever been worried about growing “old”, deteriorating, or running out of time to live your life, read this article. I want to be just like her when I grow up (IF by chance I ever grow up…). Read the article here

LOA for people who aren’t allowed to call it LOA. For kids

If you think our educational system is going to hell in a hand basket, get ready to change your mind. SEL – Social and Emotional Learning is a program that allows schools to teach students about the importance of emotions and how to handle them. Students focus on creating positive feelings for themselves and others. And the results aren’t just limited to improved social interaction – academic performance is up, as well. Oh hell yes! Watch a video on how an SEL program transformed a Kentucky school here.

And finally, a message of hope for 2012

2012: “A Message of Hope”, contains a powerful message of how the world is changing and how we can each do our part to help ourselves and others in the coming weeks, months and years. This is not a doom and gloom message (I don’t support those), but a plea for love, backed up with plenty of supporting evidence. See examples of how science is finally catching up with what we already know intuitively and get a sense of just how powerful we are.

Take the time to watch this beautifully rendered video with gorgeous background music today. I promise, you won’t regret it. Watch the video here.

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  • Melody, great reflections and stories of good news. And you couldn’t have picked a better time to do it than during the holidays. I love the Liberia story.

    I wish you and your friends and family a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the spa and take everything in. Sounds like 2012 will be even better!

  • I’m about to click on all those cool links and share my faves, but had to comment and say: You Launched this blog on my birthday! That’s just so cool to me. 😉

    Happy holidays! Enjoy your down time!

  • Avatar Derrek says:

    Forgive you for taking time-off? You’ve got to be kidding, Melody. We shouldn’t forgive you, we should friggin’ applaud you and help you pack for your vacation or something. I see people working on Christmas and on New Years Day and it’s just…wrong (at least it seems so to me). So seriously, enjoy your break. Open your presents and welcome the new year the only way you know how. 🙂

    On a similar note, I’m on a 2-week break starting today. I bundled my annual leave days together and decided that I’m not going to work around Christmas and New Year. I’m going to be taking photos outside town, seeing Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas music, visiting the family, visiting cinemas in the middle of the damn day, and just taking some time-off to think about 2011 as well; the good, the bad, and the weird.

    Also, I’m going to set some goals for 2012. Not rigid resolutions, but simple goals that’ll make the year more fun than it’s already bound to be. So many awesome movies next year, too. I’m already hyped! I’ll add another story to your list of good news : The war in Iraq is over. I don’t live in the States, but man was I overjoyed to see those folks head home. It’s finally over. 🙂

    Here’s to a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, some kickass holidays, and wonderful times ahead, Melody! See you in 2012! 😀

    *Break-dance, do the robot, ninja pose!*
    – Derrek

    • Hey Derrek,

      Damn it. I’ve already packed (already at my mom’s in good old Germany)! I guess y’all will have to help me next year…

      Oooh, I want to see the pictures of a Malaysian Christmas! Send some!
      I’ve always managed to get at least Christmas off, no matter what job I had (even when I was working in the casinos, and that was not easy because I had to travel home.) I’ve always just adored Christmas and the end of the year. We get to unwrap a whole new baby year full of opportunities and excitement.

      I also don’t set goals but intentions. It’s such a fun thing to do (so different from “I will lose 10 pounds!” or “I’ll quit smoking”) Perhaps I’ll write about that and post it as my first 2012 post… It’s like the posts just write themselves now… 🙂

      And yes, the Iraq war is over and it’s pure awesomeness. I did have that in my newsletter, but I tried to include stuff in this post that you may not have seen yet. Everyone’s talking about the Iraq war ending (aren’t they? I live in a bubble. Sometimes I don’t know…) So, thanks for mentioning it again. Yay!

      *Moonwalk (oh yeah. Old school), pirouette, gang sign, smoothly transitioning into a hug*,


  • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

    Melody, COOL! I think my favorite story was about the guy who couldn’t see and used echolocation. I can’t believe that people can do that – that is insane.

    Anyhow, enjoy your time off, you deserve it! Looking forward to seeing you in 2012. 🙂

    • I know right?? It’s amazing what the human body is capable of. We truly have no idea…

      Thank you my dear. I hope the government gives you a few days off as well. 2012 is going to be epic, dude. Or shall I say legendary (I’ve discovered How I Met Your Mother…)

      Hugs (last of the year!)


      • Avatar Derrek says:

        *tisk tisk tisk*. Melody, Melody, Melody. Young, innocent Melody. That’s not how you say it. Let me demonstrate.

        It’s Legen—-*wait for iiiit*—————————————-dary!!

        It’s all in the delivery, Melody. I’ll forgive you this one time since you’re new to the ways of our Holy Messiah, Barney Stinson. But heed my warning. We Stinsonians do not take kindly to such mistakes towards the sacred dialogue.

        *suit-up! (oh yeah. New Sk00l)*
        – Derrek

        • First off, thank you kindly for the “young and innocent” bit. Ha!

          Second, I meant no offense. My little offering was made with the utmost respect and reverence.

          I’m only on Season 2 so far, and will have to wait until after the holidays to catch up more, but am LOVING IT!

          Until I am better versed in the ways of Barney, I shall go back to old school. REAL old school.

          Eeeeeey! *thumps juke box*
          That’s right Swarley. You’ve just been fonzed.

          – M

  • What a lovely idea, Melody! A perfect holiday present for us all – thank you!

    Relax, enjoy, celebrate! Laughing Santa hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

  • Avatar Jimmy says:

    Happy Holidays Melody. Enjoy your spa and reflection. Hope you comeback in 2012 bring more energy for us to ‘steal’….

    Love that video at the end. For the first time, there really is hope for our planet and race. You know something, for all the woes that are beseiging us, I think our awakening as a civilization is going to be our saving grace.

    • Thanks Jimmy,

      Ha, ha. You don’t have to steal it. I’ll give it to you freely. There’s no shortage of energy. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more. We are waking up and there’s no stopping us now, is there? The human race is evolving and it’s going to be beautiful. Yay! What a wonderful time to be alive!


  • Enjoy your trip to Italy – enjoying your 20 massages, your time for reflection and the new inspiration you will get from that!

    I love the extra ordinary story of Daniel Kish – he solved a huge personal problem in a truly amazing way to get himself a better life.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Marc,

      Thank you. I always do. 🙂 And I do come back with tons of inspiration and energy and new ideas. Awesome.

      Isn’t he amazing? I love stories that totally blow what we think we know about the capabilities of the human body out of the water. Awesome!

      Huge hugs,

  • Avatar Lance says:

    It’s been a complete pleasure getting to know you over this past year – you bring such wonderful love and light (and FUN) into this world!

    Wishing you a wonderful break and looking so forward to what’s in store for here (and for you) in 2012!

    Merry Christmas HUGS!!

    • Thank you Lance! The pleasure is all mine!

      2012 is going to be so freaking awesome. Can’t wait to see what else you pull out of your hat! 🙂

      Huge hugs and laughter and light to you and your beautiful family,


  • Avatar Sara says:

    (Chrr, chrrr..!!! :-D)

    Happy Christmas, and great re-accelerating period!

    Wish you well,

  • Avatar Bill Dorman says:

    Cool list and quite the reflections. However, I will have to add to your gym story because the YMCA does exactly the same thing; they will never turn someone away for their lack of ability to pay (I’m a Y board member in case you couldn’t tell……..:).

    It truly has been a pleasure getting to know you and look forward to a fantastic 2012.

    Now go get all massaged up and see you next year.

    • Ah yes, the Y. I actually volunteered at the Y when I was a teenager. It was a really friendly place. I didn’t know that they gave free memberships to those in need. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that here. Everyone support their local Y.M.C.A (and do the dance!)

      The pleasure has been all mine! Thanks for being a part of this blog, dear Bill.

      Oh, don’t you worry. I shall get my massage on, all right. I will come back so buffed up, you’ll need shades to look at me directly for fear of going blind from the gleam. Ha.


  • Enjoy your trip and know that your work is appreciated far and wide. Wish you all the best as you prepare to come back for wonderful articles in the new year 2012.

  • Hi Melody! Hope your time off revives and replenishes you!

    I love those stories … and so many of them! It’s enough to make you think there are actually a bunch of decent people walking around out there in the world. 🙂

    So much inspiration. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • Thanks Ken!

      Getting replenished as we speak, he,he (just taking a wee break to check on things, will be back in the throes of relaxation momentarily…)

      I know, right? It’s almost like the world is this beautiful place. We just have to be willing to really look… LOL.

      Huge hugs to you and happy holidays!


  • Avatar James Greg says:

    Great collection of your wonderful posts. As I’m a newbie at your blog I am now reading the topics in turn and am really enjoying it. Having just returned from holidays I really needed something good to read and the posts have come in handy.

    A very Happy New Year from James!

    • Thanks James! I’m glad this helped you out. I love sharing good news. We tend to focus so much on the bad stuff (well, those who watch TV and read the paper, a group I haven’t been a part of for a very long time…) It’s so beneficial to focus on the good stuff for a change. And there’s a lot more good than bad every day. 🙂

      Happy New Year to you, too!


  • Avatar Kat says:

    Openly crying after having read this. So much wonderful inspiration here! This should carry me throught the day and thereafter!

  • Avatar Michele says:

    Yes, yes I did read that in Farnsworth’s voice. We probably all did. You crack me up.

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