Making Magic with the Law of Attraction – The Cloud Bridge Technique

Once again, I have proven my incredible power to attract an awesome guest post. 😉 Fred, from Personal Development with Fred Tracy, has delivered pure gold. Enjoy y’all!

We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction and how it works from our queen bee Melody here. Most of us have probably tried it once or twice with something small, like manifesting some extra spending money or getting our loved ones to stop being such jerks. Some of us may even live by the darn thing, manifesting masterpieces left and right.

But how many of us really create every aspect of our reality with it? Okay, so that’s a trick question. As Melody says, we create 100% of our realities whether we want to admit to that fact or not. But how many of us recognize this principle and take our innate creating power into our own hands? And how many of us realize the full extent of what we can do with that power?

What I’m talking about here is not simply influencing reality in our favor. I’m talking about hacking into the friggin’ matrix, man. This is about ripping our current “okay” lives to shreds and gluing the pieces back together with our mind. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

So What Does “Making Magic “Mean?

It means whatever you want it to mean. Haha, no but really, it does. It’s a cliché answer, but it’s absolutely true. Most of us are probably used to manifesting regular stuff, but how many of us have really pushed the envelope? What qualifies as magical to you depends on your experience with intention manifestation, but the point is that if these principles really work, then there’s no reason you can’t turn the amp up to 11 and rock out all over the place.

If you can manifest some pocket change on the ground, you can rearrange your entire reality.

And that’s what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about using the law of attraction to create palaces in the sky (or whatever floats your boat) and bring that into fruition in the real world.

I like to call it building cloud bridges.

How to Build a Cloud Bridge

Imagine the following scene with me. Suppose you see a picture hanging on the wall. It’s not doing anything fancy other than the usual picture stuff – that is, it’s hanging there. Got it? Good.

This picture represents an image of something you want to change right now. On the left side of the picture is a mountain containing your current situation. On the right side of your picture is another mountain containing your desired outcome. Easy enough so far – but don’t fall asleep yet. Here comes the tricky part.

The middle is a bridge that represents how you’re gonna go from the left side of the picture (your current situation) to the right side (your desired situation). If you don’t have a clue how that’s going to manifest, then there isn’t going to be anything in the middle of the picture. But don’t fret. That’s actually where we want to be. That means we can create our bridge from scratch the good old fashioned way – with imagery.

Let me give you a little example of this visualization. I like to imagine that my mountains are so tall that the bridge has to go through the clouds, hence a cloud bridge. The middle area is nothing but a bunch of empty space set against a clear blue sky. On each cliff rests the remnants of an old bridge that broke apart long ago. I, the wayward wanderer, am stuck in my current reality on the left side of the bridge, and I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to get over to the right side. Oh, and a big storm set in and starting to rain, so I REALLY need to get to the other side. It’s warm there, and they have a nice warm blanket for me and everything. It’s up to me to imagine a way to get from point A to point B. If I don’t make it, or if I do something stupid like slip and fall to my doom, it’s all my fault. So I better get to work!

Now that you’ve got the basic idea down, the rest should come pretty easy. Each plank or section of the bridge is simply a mini-goal you have on the way to manifesting your new reality. It’s classic LOA stuff folks. Plus bridges, mainly because I like bridges.

To help solidify this idea, I’ll share my own personal bridge with you.

My Blogging Cloud Bridge

My picture represents my blogging journey. The left side contains an empty blog with zero traffic – pretty much exactly what I had when I first started. The right side contains a well-trafficked blog that fuels a life full of continued growth, great relationships, cool experiences, and financial freedom.

Now, the fact that I’ve decided exactly what I want from my blog helps me immensely in creating that reality. Many people don’t even get as far as defining their goals. But visualizing and focusing on each aspect in between adds significant power (and customization) to the process.

My particular bridge involves a lot of planks of wood put together. For example, one aspect of the reality I’m ringing from my mind into real-world fruition is community involvement at my blog. I regularly sit down and intend to have awesome commenters and engaging discussion flowing as freely as egg-smelling water does from our hot water tap (we really should get that fixed). And just like magic, people like Melody and many other fine folks have been kind enough to grace my blog with their presence and conversation. I’ve literally doubled my comments on one of my posts. While I’d like to think that it’s all due to my awesome writing, a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was pouring energy into that particular outcome, or section of my bridge.

Another piece of my bridge involves generating income. Oddly enough, I haven’t been focusing as much on this one as I used to. But in the early days, this is something I focused on all the time. Now, there’s no way to prove this for sure, but my stats back then were up to almost what I have now even though I had half the traffic. I’m talking about real data here, like Adsense CTR and donations. Which reminds me, I need to focus on this one a little more.

This doesn’t mean that your cloud bridge has to be about blogging. You can intend for anything your little heart desires. The point is that you have to specifically define your goals, determine how you’re going to get them, and then pour as much happy juice into them as you can (no, the other kind of happy juice).

Chaining Together Your Intentions

What you’re doing here really is magic. You’re literally creating a new world for yourself with your mind and focusing on it enough to bring it into the real world.

Notice that all of my visualizations are aimed at one goal: reaching my blogging dreams… It’s as though I’m literally creating a dream world that is continually being reinforced with more and more energy. As this energy flows towards this dream, small things like I mentioned (pieces of the bridge) keep happening (forming planks) that bring you one step farther to reaching your goals (the ideal mountain). Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You don’t have to be a passive participant in the law of attraction. As Melody says, whatever you focus on is what you will get. This law applies to everything. Who says you have to focus on boring things? Why not create a custom made, expertly tailored reality for yourself? All you have to do is think it up and hold that vibration. And one way you do that by creating your cloud bridge and visualizing each and every individual plank. Imagine them coming together in unison to form an unstoppable connection between where you are now and where you want to be.

This is one of the few cases where the sky really is the limit. The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Don’t let anyone ever tell you to get your head out of the clouds again. 😉

Fred TracyFred Tracy runs a personal development website where he shares his insights and quirky stories. He is practical and eclectic, borrowing ideas from psychology, spirituality, and common sense, among many other sources. All of this information is distilled into articles with the sole purpose of this: teaching you, the reader, to live consciously and achieve the life of your dreams.


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  • Avatar Adrienne says:

    I really enjoyed your article Fred!
    I am just starting to learn about LOA and so far it’s going well. “Small” things(things I have fewer resistances about) have been pretty easy to manifest on a daily basis.
    I’m really aiming “big” now so this article was a perfect place to start, thanks 🙂

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      Thanks Adrienne.

      There’s nothing wrong with manifesting small things. In fact, just the other day I decided to manifest a quarter on the ground. And the funny part is – I never found it. I did, however, manifest a busted up old magnet that had the exact same dimensions as a quarter.

      I don’t know what the universe was trying to say or anything, but I assume it has a sense of humor. Overall, it was much better than finding a quarter!

  • Nice post Fred. I think what you are doing here is a great way to manifest your desires. We have to remember to take some action as well no matter how small it is. That is why I don’t knock anyone for having a donate button on their blog.

    How can someone “give back” if you don’t have a vehicle in place for a value exchange?

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      Absolutely, Justin.

      I’ve heard some people criticize bloggers for having both ads and a donate button on their website. I don’t understand the thinking behind this, as I have both and don’t fill that for it at all. The ads are there to help readers find good products (and make me money, duh) and the donate button is there to allow people to give back if they want to.

      I would actually be frustrated if I found a blog I loved that I wanted to donate to and there was no way for me to do so.

  • Great post, fred.

    In the beginning of my blog, I used visualization techniques as well and they worked very good – it works in two ways:

    1) it actually helps to manifests my desires
    2) it inspires myself as well

    Your post now inspires me to take this track up it again and do it a even more vivid way with even more detail..

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      I’ve been doing that lately at night I go to sleep. I think the two points you mentioned there pretty much sums it up.

      It inspires as much as it manifests, and it’s great.

      Take care. 🙂

  • Avatar Steve Rice says:

    Great post, Fred. Love your writing style and it really fits with Melody’s wonderful sense of humor. I appreciate the breakdown you give us in this post. Useful info for all of us no matter where we are on this journey.

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      Haha thanks Steve.

      That’s one of my favorite things about Melody’s blog. Her posts always make me laugh and giggle. I tried to insert as much of that vibe into this article as I could. I hope I succeeded.

  • Avatar J.D. Meier says:

    It is pure gold. Well done.

  • Avatar Derrek says:

    Awesome post, dude. Love the cloud-bridge analogy. Partly because it’s a great analogy, and partly because it reminds me of really good movies. Like Indiana Jones. Aww, now look what you’ve done. Now everytime I use the cloud-bridge I’m going to imagine being in brown khakis and a fedora! Yes, I’m a movie junkie. What gave it away?

    I have a question, though. I’m guessing a lot of people don’t have the details on how they’d like to reach their goals. They have no idea how they’re going to get from picture A to picture B. Maybe things are just too complicated or way too vague for them to ‘place the planks to build the bridge’. I’ve been in those situations before. How would someone build their bridge then? What would you recommend in situations like this? Cheers, dude!

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      Hey Derrek. You said dude at least twice in your post. We are best pals now, just so you know.

      Hmm, as your question, let me think. You can always try the “I-have-no-idea-how-this-is-going-to-work” approach. Just trusting in the universe and holding your goal in mind can be pretty powerful.

      But maybe not optimal.

      I like to include both universe stuff and simple goal planning stuff in my desires. So for that, it’s really a matter of research. The world is so diverse and huge that most things have already been done out there. I would recommend that they find someone who ha already done what they want to do. They don’t even have to be alive. Look through books and such. Find whoever has already done your thing, and simply copy what they are doing as a tentative plan.

      Your own personal approach will eventually diverge from that plan, but it will be started.

      So to answer your question, or better way of putting it might be “stand on the shoulders of giants”.

      Take care, dude.

      • Avatar Derrek says:

        Thanks, dude. Great idea. Funny you should say that, too. I was recently reading an interview piece with one of my favorite singer-songwriters and he says most of his work is so heavily influenced by the work of others (be it music or literature), that sometimes he feels like all he’s doing is copying them and translating their work into his own words. It’s a tested method that works. I guess I’ll have to look for the guy with the “Been There, Done That” t-shirt. Haha.

        Also, wanna print matching t-shirts now that we’re best pals? We’ll probably lose all social ties, have no friends on Facebook, and not get laid or looked at by the opposite sex ever again, but….ermm…sorry there’s no upside to the t-shirts. Maybe just high-five instead?

  • Avatar Agota says:


    Could please share more details of your blogging-related visualizations?

    I’m trying to consciously focus on that myself since I’ll re-launch my website pretty soon, so it would be great to hear how other bloggers consciously apply intention-manifestation to blogging..

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      Hey, it’s Agota! Thanks for your epic comment on my blog by the way.

      Well, I used to have an intention manifestation exercise I did daily. I wrote out a paragraph about specific traffic numbers and revenue amounts I wanted to achieve. I would then take the time to visualize what I wrote down becoming true, and to really feel good about it. Eventually, even though it seemed to get results, I just got sick of doing that. I hate scheduling things, preferring to keep it intuitive and spontaneous.

      So now, I just keep a super positive vibe towards my website. I basically assume that I am much more popular than I actually am. This seems to work pretty well. It works on a universal, and on a psychological level. If I imagine a ton of people are going to read my stuff, I try to make it as good as I can. This also seems to work as a dating vibe, as we were talking about. Assuming the other person is in to me, even if they aren’t, works magic. 🙂

      I also sometimes still sit down and purposefully visualize and intend, like I mentioned here. Usually that just involves for example, going into my AdSense page and seeing lots of money, or visiting my traffic stats and seeing tons of traffic. I also imagine people reading my content and laughing and having a good time bettering themselves.

      Basically, it’s simple: I visualize what I want, and I feel good about it. This seems to come true.

      So just find what you want. If you want traffic, visualize having more traffic. Visualize your content spreading throughout the web through various social networks like wildfire. Your imagination is your only limit.

      Hope that helps, take care!

  • I knew I was in for some good reading when I saw that the post was written by Fred. Excellent job, Fred! I do have a question – you talked about the planks on the bridge as being mini-goals. I understand that. But in my research regarding LOA I have found that you aren’t supposed to put energy on how it will happen but rather trust that it will. It seems like you are saying the opposite – make a plan of how it will occur and then follow the plan. Am I understanding you correctly?

    • Avatar Fred Tracy says:

      Yup. If you read my comment to Derrek, I basically endorse both approaches: the mystical LOA one, and the practical, pragmatic one.

      Truth be told, I’m not one to sit on my butt and wish for things I don’t have. I believe in using the power of intention in the universe, but I believe just as much in doing things for ourselves. I think when we combine our willingness to work, and meet the universe halfway, magic happens.

      And planning out the way things will happen is essential to creating your own reality. Now, I understand that we may not always get what we want, so it’s perhaps best to consider the planks as tentative. That’s just how you can see it being done right now, and perhaps universe has a different plan.

      It just depends on if you like to let things just happen, or you like orchestrating them yourself. Either approach will work, it’s largely dependent upon personality.

      As you can probably guess, I like to orchestrate things myself. I don’t often subscribe to the “whatever the universe wants” because I (and you) are the universe. So I ask myself what *I* want, and then I create a plan to get it.

      This actually sounds like a good blog post, I’m going to write it down. Thanks Anne!

  • Hey Fred,

    Great LOA post! I really like the idea of using that cloud bridge and setting those smaller obtainable goals such as looking one plank at a time. This helps to take the focus off of “how in the hell is this going to happen” to “yeah I can do this!” Or we could all just take a happy pill, a shot of good whiskey and run as fast as we can across that bridge. 🙂

  • Awesome article, Fred! You made me chuckle about the egg-smelling water out of the hot-water tap. Made me chuckle because my BATHROOM sink produces that odor. I can’t even brush my teeth in the bathroom it’s so gross! lol

    Again – great post. 🙂

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  • Avatar Alice says:

    I’d be happy if I were on the level where I knew how to manifest money on the ground and I knew what my bridge looks like and what I want in the first place.

    That would be awesome.

  • >