Is Hard Work Really Unnecessary with the Law of Attraction?

I was listening to a marketing seminar the other day, when the host brought up an interesting point. He was describing how to go about approaching people for potential business partnerships and told us that since the move The Secret came out, a lot of people have apparently been sending requests bordering on demands to him and others in his league (staggeringly successful people) and just expecting them to comply. It’s like walking up to Donald Trump in the street and saying “Hey Donald. I’m sure it’s a pleasure for you to meet me. Gimme a million dollars, would you?”, and then just expecting him to hand it over. He was lamenting the fact that these individuals didn’t think that they actually had to do anything to be successful in business, when it takes a tremendous amount of hard work to make it. And while I don’t entirely agree with the marketing guy on his stance about the Law of Attraction, there’s clearly a basic misunderstanding of the “Ask and it is given” principle going on here (along with just plain bad business practices), that I’m going to clear up today.

Yes, it’s true: if you ask, it is given. When you discover something you like or want, it is automatically created energetically. Once you line up with it, it will come into the physical. Basically, everything you’ve ever wanted or could ever want already exists as energy. Your job is not to create it, but to receive it. Check out my free e-book Seven Steps of Manifestation (it’s totally free!) for a full explanation of how this process works.

The mistake that the individuals who go around demanding others to just give them something make, is that they are trying to control HOW their manifestations will come to them. For example, if I want to manifest a million dollars, I’ll want to make myself feel the same way I would if I already had it. That means, I wouldn’t be worried about money, I’d be excited about shopping (instead of being disappointed about what I can’t afford), I’d look at nice things, cars and houses as potential purchases, as possibilities rather than things I can’t have. Then, my “work” would simply be to sit back and let the manifestation come to me. The key here is to follow my intuition.

I might be inspired to buy a lottery ticket. I might be guided to go to a networking meeting, where I’d meet some great people with whom I’d brainstorm. We might turn the resulting ideas into a fantastic business, which would yield a million dollars. I might inherit the money. I might be guided to my manifestation in a myriad of ways. The expectation (or “it is given”) part of the equation would be to trust that it’s on its way and that the Universe will find the best way for it to come to me.

By walking up to (or sending an email to) a stranger and simply demanding that they lend a hand, these people are actually trying to do the Universe’s job: They’re not aligning with their creation, they’re trying to force it to come to them through this particular funnel – through this person, who is most likely not aligned with their creation. If he were, the askers wouldn’t have to work so hard to get his help.

The reason I said that I don’t entirely agree with the marketing dude, is because of the “hard work” part. There’s another point here that’s often misunderstood: if you understand the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that hard work is never part of the equation. But by “hard work”, I don’t mean that it takes no action at all. It just means that the action it does take will be inspired. When you’re really passionate about something, it doesn’t feel like hard work. It’s not a chore. You can lose yourself in it for hours and not even notice how much time is going by. It just happens naturally. In that state, you can get a tremendous amount of work done, but it wasn’t hard. It wasn’t frustrating.

But this concept is often twisted to mean that action is not required. Well, theoretically, one could argue that if we can truly manipulate energy (and we can), we should be able to just manifest things out of thin air. And if one would be able to drop all limiting beliefs (and I mean ALL of them), one would be right. But realistically, in the vibrational world we live in, it may well be harder to drop all those beliefs than to simply work with them. And that means allowing our manifestations to come to us through channels that we can believe in, like a business, the lottery, or an inheritance. Plus, taking action is fun. We’re in this environment for a reason. We came here to experience the physical, and part of that means taking action. Inspired action is thrilling and fabulous and delicious and you can’t get enough of it. It’s the feeling of lining up with the energy of what you’ve created, and there’s no better feeling in the world than to do that deliberately.

Most people have never associated this kind of action with an activity they can gain value from. Inspired action is playing, and that’s only allowed after all the hard work is done. So when they hear that action is required to achieve a goal, they automatically assume that it means sacrifice and suffering, and of course they’ll latch on to any theory that tells them they don’t have to take action. But we can use inspired action to achieve anything, in fact, when we use the leverage of the Universe, that action is a million times more effective than if we plod along, forcing ourselves to perform tasks we don’t want to do.

And while walking up to someone and asking for their help could possibly be an inspired action, if it was, the person who got asked would react positively. The Law of Attraction will only bring you together with others who are a match to your vibration. So, if you’ve truly aligned with your goal, with getting great business partners for example, then you’ll be guided to approach the right person, at the right time, in just the right way and they will respond with passion and enthusiasm. Then, you’ll take a bunch of inspired action together.

An individual who’s running around demanding that others help him, is most likely coming from a place of scarcity and fear. He thinks he doesn’t have enough and is afraid that he’s never going to get more unless he runs out and makes it happen. What he’ll attract is situations that match those feelings. He’ll face rejection or meet partners who will disappoint him, therefore “proving” his fears to be true.

Now, I’m not condemning these individuals. We’re all guilty of taking uninspired action. God knows I do it all the time. My point is simply that when we do, we don’t get the results we want. But we don’t have to work “hard”, or become frustrated. There’s no price to pay for success. We do have to be willing to wait for our intuition to guide us, and then take action when we’re inspired to do so. When we begin to deliberately receive our manifestations, things become easier. They flow. And life is so much more fun, because not only do we get to play all the time, we’ll finally get everything we’ve ever wanted. πŸ™‚

Have you taken some inspired (or even uninspired) action? What were the results? Tell us about it in the comments and let everyone can benefit from your experience.

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  • Melody,
    I lot of people got deluded by watching the secret. When I am blogging for example it does not seem like a chore. I could do something blog related from sun-up to sun down because it is fun and inspiring to me.

    People that have an employee mindset think like employees and not entrepreneurs. Being an employee is tough with low wages, rules, regulations, schedules, meetings, etc.

    Entrepreneurs have an entirely different way of creating wealth and abundance. They don’t think about how much they will make in an hour but in months and years. Entrepreneurs value freedom and control for themselves.

  • Thanks for the comment Justin. I think a lot of people bring their Employee mentality into their own businesses. It took me a long time to get rid of the 40 hour work week paradigm. I also still worked Monday through Friday (and I’ve worked a lot of unconventional jobs, like being a dealer in a casino! It still took time to change…) Now, I work whenever I want. The day and time are unimportant. That employee mentality is so ingrained in us from an early age, first in school and then in our work lives. But it makes no sense. I’ve never been at my best at 9 a.m. I do some of my best problem solving at 3 in the morning. And I can get more done in 2 really inspired hours than I can in 8 tedious ones. I do feel there’s a huge paradigm shift coming. The technology industry has already started to move to a different model, and others won’t take too long. It just takes a little bit of practice to shift and realize that work doesn’t have to be “hard”. Once a person has experienced this, I don’t think they can ever go back. πŸ™‚


    • Avatar Alice says:

      Ok how do we find this? Because of health and my personality I’m never going to be happy under someones’ thumb. I need to be creative and I need to work when I can.

      So how do we find that and what?

      How did you know a site selling energy coaching to people was the way???

      How do you get inspired. I really need to be inspired. I want to.

      You just said everything that I want on this blog, to get passionate and just know the actions to take.

      • Hey Alice,

        You start by focusing in general on what you want and then letting the specifics of it manifest. That’s precisely what I did.

        I realized that I wanted to be free. I focused on the feeling of freedom. I knew I wanted to travel and have a location independent business or job. I manifested the 4 Hour Workweek which showed me that it was possible to have such a life with or without a job. I kept figuring out and focusing on what I wanted. I realized that I wanted the freedom to be who I really am, not have to act all serious to please some corporate structure. So I focused on the feeling of being myself, also a kind of freedom.
        I visualized myself smiling as I worked (not the work itself), feeling really good and satisfied at the end of the day and making the money I wanted to make.

        I don’t remember the exact series of events, but at some point, I found Steve Pavlina’s site. He was publishing posts about blogging back then and I was intrigued. I liked the idea of starting an online business. I even launched a site about people management (while I still had a job), but that petered out. I lost interest because it wasn’t quite right. I realized that I was still not being totally authentic. Closer, but not there yet. Then, I had some really big breakthroughs on the spiritual front. I went to Peru and while I was there, I realize that I wanted to do something where I could express this side of myself fully. I didn’t want it be a hobby. I wanted it to be the main show. Of course, I had to overcome a lot of fears to do that. I went slow. This is the main reason why I didn’t launch a company right away.

        I published an article and was really nervous. 2 months later, I launched a blog and was really nervous. I got comfortable with that, but then I published my first really controversial blog post and I was really nervous. Ditto when I did my first video. And my first radio interview. Etc. etc. At each step, I took my time to make peace with it. And I kept on focusing on what I really wanted – the core of it. I still do that. The vision and words have changed a bit as I’ve progressed, but I still leave the details up to the Universe, unless I find some that feel really good. Then I have a blast.

        So, right now, when I get discouraged by something, I focus on how good it feels to flow energy for others, on how much I love the interaction, the response I get when coaching, the readers, I focus on how grateful I am to everyone that comes to this blog and I focus on just shining. How I can best shine, I leave up to LOA.

        And then, the inspiration doesn’t really stop. But when it does, I focus on the basics again, the general core, and it flows again.

        Stay away from the details. They’ll get you every time. πŸ™‚

        I hope that was helpful.

        Huge hugs!

        • Avatar Alice says:

          This was a brilliant answer. I have to jot down some points and remember it. πŸ™‚ You are getting through to me actually.
          I just get blocked/stunned when “reality” throws ultimatums at me or reminds me of things.
          I have to deal with one at a time. For survival you need money and health so career ideas and getting better are priority #1

          But then nagging in my mind is my almost zero friend status, rocky relationship and the fact I have nearly every basic skill to learn that most humans take for granted. I’ve been under a rock for a while/isolated so there’s so much for me to learn.

          My health had really slowed me down so over the years little things piled up and now they are beating down my door.

          It feels like I’m always jogging to catch up. I feel like I’ve been in a 30 yr coma and returned to a massive workload.

          When I start focusing on what I want in this direction other things that need fixing pop up too.

          I start thinking of what I want in my relationship, health and those things I said in the “negative entitlement” blog.
          There’s quite a lot of lack in multiple areas.

          It’s really hard to focus on one thing when there are so many holes to patch up. That’s what really gets me.

          This reply was so good! πŸ™‚ Because now the question is really clear.

          How do you choose just one thing when they are all equally important?

          Do you remember that old fashioned game “fire”

          Those falling men just keep speeding up and I can’t catch them all. Just fast forward and you’ll get the imagery.
          Like after 7mins.
          I’m that guy holding the stretcher.

          • Hey Alice,

            I’m so glad this made sense to you. All of those details that are streaming in – the health, the jobs, etc., that’s what you need to stay away from for a bit.

            Stop playing the game! That’s the way to stop feeling like you can’t catch up. If the little guy with the stretcher woke up and figured out that he’s a character in a game and that none of those little falling dudes will actually die if he leaves, he’d get the hell out of there.

            Which one thing do you choose? Choose the thing that it’s easiest to feel good about. We always tend to want to start with the hardest thing, but that doesn’t work. Choose the easiest and let it lift you up. And, stay as general as possible. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs!

          • Avatar Alice says:

            Hello kind-hearted one,

            The details do get me. Some random examples of intensity of detail:

            -You get an eviction letter, you have 8 weeks to move
            -You are unemployed and on welfare and threatened to be cut off if don’t find work
            -Your spouse starts looking for places to rent or talks about this
            -terminal illness/other quite impending situation

            In these almost life-death type situations I’m learning that in example 1 YOU STILL HAVE 8 WEEKS
            and that he/she hasn’t left yet or found that place. It’s in the “gonna” category- looming but still not present.

            Right so you can ignore details then? Is it always ok to ignore details?

            This is why I’m all confused. It’s easier to drop the details the further you are from that pressure.

            I’m on the step just before that level of pressure. The things are certainly on the table and looming but they didn’t drop the flag yet. (that’s all hell breaking loose and I wouldn’t even be typing here except screaming help!help! while metaphorically drowning.

            But if you stop playing the game my biggest fear is even though it’s technically not happening yet… that if I stop catching those things that it will happen.

            I know my fear of this is keeping me in knots and creating all sorts of gloomy plan B .
            I don’t want to even go there because it was too grim.

            What a smart answer about choosing the easiest thing!!! I was going for the most difficult (jobs, health)
            because it’s the most survival connected instinct. It seems the most logical, sane thing to do is go there.

            But I’m not getting anywhere. So go somewhere else.

            Honestly none of it feels right. Where do you get the fuel?

            I’m making less sense these days.

          • Hey Alice,

            You are getting there. This is hard in the beginning. You’re so used to reacting one way, it does take considerable effort to start reacting differently. But it pays off.

            You’ve hit on a really important point here. What is the situation RIGHT NOW? This very second, are you homeless, etc? No. Most of our pain comes from looking into the future. Sometimes far and sometimes a few hours, but it’s always a fear or even assumption that things will go badly. We focus on the worst case scenario and then react to that. But, you can focus on a different scenario and react to it, instead. All of it is happening in your head. It’s a future scenario. And as you focus on it, you line up with it. So why not focus on the scenario that you want, instead of what you don’t want? They key is to do this even when you don’t have any evidence to support the wanted scenario.

            Like an addict to heroin, your mind will want to return to the thoughts it’s used to. So, in the beginning, it can be quite a task to wrestle your thoughts into a new direction. But, it doesn’t take long at all (you will feel it get easier to focus after just 60 seconds!) for your focus on the wanted to draw energy to it and make it easier to think those thoughts.

            So, how do you feel RIGHT NOW?
            How do you want to feel RIGHT NOW?
            What can you focus on (anything, it can a fantasy) RIGHT NOW that will allow you to feel better RIGHT NOW?

            If it’s grim, DON’T GO THERE! Smart girl. There’s no reason to rehash the horrible past or what you consider to be the “present”.

            You’re not making less sense, you’re just in new territory here and it can feel a bit like you’re lost. It’s uncomfortable because it’s new. But you’ll find your bearings soon. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs!

  • Avatar van025 says:

    I like the sentence:There’s no price to pay for success.Success is priceless.It measures by our effort and results.And hard work really unnecessary with the Law of Attraction

    • You’re right, lol, success is priceless. But what I really meant by that sentence was that there is no Universal requirement to suffer in order to be successful. We just think there is and so we make it hard on ourselves. The road to success can be enjoyable.
      Thanks for the comment!

  • Great article. Just look at the story told by Jack Canfield.
    He wanted to make 100 000 dollars so he visualized it, intended it, expected it and then he got a flash of inspiration, it took a lot of work for him to sell 400 000 copies of his book, but he worked and worked and all of a sudden he had made 100 000 dollars in a year.

    The law of attraction opens the door, you have to walk through it yourself.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Daniel. I love the Jack Canfield story. I believe he taped a fake $100.000 bill on the ceiling above his bed, so he could stare at it every night and every morning. And I really think it speaks to energetic leverage that the actions he did take didn’t just sell a few books, but made him phenomenally successful.


  • Avatar Dan O'Neil says:

    I’ve had a lot of too and fro with the secret – I think the principles in there about the law of attraction are described really well. However, the main problem is what you describe here… that people don’t make the link between action and the realisation of their goals. I’m not fully convinced that we could ever manifest from thin air – that would take away the pleasure we get from our actions and journey towards our goals and dreams.

    I totally agree with you that the “hard work” we do when we are totally in alignment with our goals doesn’t feel like work at all – it’s still action though! In the end, what on earth are we going to “do”, if we don’t “do” at all?

  • Thanks so much for the comment Dan. I absolutely agree. Life without action would be boring. If I could snap my fingers and get anything I want (I Dream of Genie style), I’d be snapping for about 2 days and would then lose all interest. The fun is in the journey and the challenge. No one plays a video game without obstacles…


  • Avatar Kim says:

    The hard work is “changing our mindset”…I’ve been indoctrinated to believe that I cannot get ahead unless I work really, really hard (blood, sweat and tears whether I enjoyed it or not). Now undoing all that crap takes patience and a relentless desire to find my own truth. But when I focus on the process and not the results, I am able to relax and have fun with it.


    • That “no pain, no gain” belief is an insidious one, and I think one we all picked up vibrationally at birth. But it’s just that – a belief. And we can transcend it. Well done, Kim! πŸ™‚


  • Avatar Amy says:

    This is a really interesting post. (I wrote a post on the Law of Attraction a while ago, but it’s not as good as this. πŸ™‚ ) I am working on not telling the Universe how it needs to do its job, but rather letting go and letting myself be guided. It’s not always easy, but I can definitely tell a difference when I do it.

  • Thanks Amy! I just checked out your blog and I think it’s great. You have a fantastic “voice”.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  • Avatar Mary Carol says:

    Hi Melody,

    Still Friday night, still reading posts…

    This one is really interesting to me for a different reason. I try sometimes to feel the connections between LOA and Taoism, and this post makes one link very clear. A principle from Taoism is that of non-action (#48). Here’s the passage in my favorite translation (R. L. Wing).

    To pursue rote-learning [my word], add to it daily.
    To pursue the Tao, subtract from it daily.
    Subtract and subtract again,
    To arrive at non-action.
    Through non-action nothing is left undone.

    The world is always held without effort.
    The moment there is effort,
    The world is beyond holding.

    Wing’s explanation is, “The Taoist ideal is to [perceive] a world that is not reacting to one’s interference.” In other words, get out of your own way, let go of preconceptions, let go of everything, and what you truly desire will manifest. In the same way that for you, LOA resonates through everything, I feel the same resonance with the Tao. There’s no effort when you’re in the flow. Wow and double wow!

    Hope you are sleeping with great peace, or having a ton of fun,

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      Well, not for the first time, I’m getting the idea that the Philosophy of LOA and TAO are very much aligned. Of course, all belief systems have this “truth” at their core, so… I find the core of this information coming through in almost all disciplines now, even science and mathematicians (who I believe will ultimately be able to “prove” all of this. Math is the bomb!)

      Thank you for the passage. It’s beautiful and so perfectly expresses the point of this post. We are absolutely always moving toward what we want, and everything we want is available to us. Our soul is already there, we just have to join it. Look at me, getting all mushy! Ha!



  • Avatar Mary Carol says:

    PS What we desire (intend) is manifesting all the time. By “truly desire” I mean at a soul level, what is most deeply best for us. Hug, MC

  • Avatar Catherine says:

    I don’t know if this is quite relatedΒ 
    I work in hospitality in London with a lot of studentsΒ 
    I was a little confused at first when meeting students who complained about working all week in placements for free then studying then having to work (in hospitality ) to pay the bills,
    My initial thoughts were ‘but that’s so exciting to be in a placement related to what your studying!?’
    And I also wondered why they couldn’t or wouldn’t get paid gigs related to what there studying ? I’ve always thought once I figure out what I want to study and go to university I would throw myself into that world , stay up to the wee hours reading books about people in that field, find any job in relation to my degree happily do a free placement for all the experience ,
    Because it would be hard work in terms of time determination and effort but not ‘Hard’ as such doing because it’s all related to something you loveΒ 
    are these students trying to work and study at something there not properly in line with making it so stressful and hard on themselves,Β And it’s all forced action ?
    Or do I just have a really naive view of it all?

    Side not I don’t know if being able to manifest something out of thin air all the time would necessarily be boring, I mean you could snap your fingers and find yourself standing at the top of a massive waterslide you didn’t need action to manifest it but you’d still need action to shoot down it which surely would be cool !?
    Sorry for the rather long comment !

    • Hey Catherine,

      You’ve totally got it and you’re not being naive at all. You’ve so perfectly described the difference between inspired action (in line with your passion) and forced action (doing what you think you have to do to get what you want). When you find something you’re really in line with, it’s not “work”. You can’t help yourself, it’s so much fun. πŸ™‚

      Ok, Ok, instant manifestation would be fun for a while. But after some time, it would get boring. We don’t play video games without challenges, because doing so wouldn’t be half as much fun. What would Pacman be without the ghosts? πŸ˜€

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Mike says:

    O Melody, I’m totally feeling this post yet at the same time, it’s been killing me! Most every successful person I admire or look up to mentions hard work & overcoming obstacles as being a huge part of their success. In fact, one of my favorite speakers says “easy is not an option when it comes to living your dream.” Although this statement is meant to convey the positive message of being persistent and not giving up easily, I can’t help, but feel off about it now (which is good). I just always felt that big dreams won’t come easy so it’s good to know that in advance & be prepared to persist & not give up which still vibes with me in a way, but what no longer vibes with me is the hard part.

    Instead, maybe I should look at it as not that it will be hard, but that if I find it’s hard I know I need to make adjustments & achieve higher vibrations or focus on taking more inspired action since it shouldn’t feel hard. I feel better already haha

    • Hey Mike,

      This belief – “no pain, no gain” is so pervasive, it’s really hard to shake. And you can make progress by working really, really hard. Of course you can. But it’s NOTHING compared to the leverage you have when you line up your energy first and allow the action to be inspired.

      I will give you an example from my own life: As you probably know, I just launched a Membership Site. I did all the work myself and I can tell you, it required a lot of action. And it was all inspired. I waited and planned and lined up and, when the time was right, I spent three days in an absolute inspired work coma. I was so in the zone, I woke up in the morning and went straight to my PC and started working. I barely ate or slept. And I loved every second. I had bought a new software program a couple of months earlier and when I’d first opened it up, I closed it right back down. It wasn’t intuitive at all and I realized I’d never be able to use it without at least reading a book or something. Then, I forgot about it. Until I was in the middle of this inspired productivity. I decided to open the program again and, get this, I just knew how to use it. I was inspired to push just the right buttons, found the options I needed right away and just had a sixth sense of how to work the program. I was inspired. I made very few mistakes and when I did, I found the bugs right away. Things that would’ve otherwise taken me hours and hours took me minutes or even seconds. I got more done in those three days than I could’ve done in weeks of forced work. I didn’t get tired, time ceased to be an issue, I thought super clearly, and was inspired to produce nearly flawless work so no time was wasted on fixing mistakes.

      Now, anyone looking in from the outside would’ve thought that I was working very hard. But I didn’t see it that way. I was riding the wave! I was so high on the energy of it all, I was giddy with it. I was having a great time. Yes, I was taking massive action (I really couldn’t help it with that much momentum going), but it wasn’t hard. It wasn’t work. It was joyful. It was easy. It was passionate. It was fun.

      Most people can relate to that when it comes to a hobby or something they love. Well, when you love what you do for a living, “work” can be like that, too. And when you can accomplish weeks’ worth of work in days, you can also afford to take a few days off. Not to recover (I am not exhausted like I would be if I’d pushed myself), but simply because there is an ebb and flow to energy. Now, I’m moving more in to a resting phase and the idea of taking it easy feels good. I know the productivity will come back again, it always does, and when it does, I’ll happily ride that wave again. πŸ™‚

      Now, doesn’t that sound better than “hard work”?

      Huge hugs!


  • Avatar Mike says:

    Great example! Totally get it. And I know how complicated WordPress memberships could be so that’s awesome! I had that same feeling very recently. I got so much work done on an idea I attracted in very little time. Found out after all this work, that there’s a strong competitor working on the idea. Most would fold, but after getting inspiration from this blog, I dug deep to bring out all my limiting beliefs stopping me & now I feel stronger than ever about it. If those guys don’t have good vibrations, they’re in trouble πŸ™‚ It was also very ironic that I found them so late after I researched so extensively. I felt like the universe held it off because it would have conflicted with me getting started. Anyway, best of luck with your membership. I’m sure it will be a huge success πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mike! That’s awesome. You know, competition can actually be good for business. They are almost certainly not doing EXACTLY what you are doing. There will be differences. And if they do a good job convincing people that they need this product or service they could increase the market size. Then you come in and they are no longer choosing between the product or nothing, but the competitor’s product and yours. Another strong competitor could make your life easier. πŸ™‚ Just a thought.

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Mike says:

    Absolutely! At first, I had low frequency feelings of how I wouldn’t be the first, how I didn’t have the same experience, team, backing, funds etc. & then I realized that I was trying to be the universe & determine the play by play when I should be focusing on the outcome & not get caught up in the how. Your competition post also helped because it demonstrated that winning doesn’t always mean getting the exact outcome you thought, but instead winning in a way you never could have conceived that’s just as good if not better.

    Totally feel you on the benefits of having another business with the idea. One of the first positive thoughts I had was that if an experienced group of guys with big backers is doing this, it truly is a great idea & it means there’s big money to be made! And like you said, it won’t be the same & if they expose their product first then I get to capitalize on their weaknesses & differentiate πŸ™‚ Thanks for the support Melody!Β 

    PS What if a lot of ideas feel good. Pick your path. Then, new ideas come up though & my follow through isn’t the best. How I need to go through with one or the other?Β 

  • Avatar Mike says:

    Btw, ignore the incoherent PS. That was a rambling I spoke in my iPhone that I thought I deleted (damn Siri) lol I will bring something up similar on the commitment post though.

  • Avatar Alice says:

    This sounds like the Tao Te Ching “empty vessel” and the way of no action or “doing nothing”
    I still can’t get my head around it. The innovative part of me is here and knows there’s a better way than those cubes and penguin suits.
    The other part of me is the part that has friends say “jobs don’t just drop into peoples’ laps” etc The same person that did 800 job applications just to get the job I hated in the first place.
    Everything is hard or you’re lazy. Or something like that. Some society rubbish.

    • It can be really hard to move out of that global belief. One thing that helps a lot is not to talk to others about it. Don’t try to convince them and don’t ask them their opinion. Their beliefs are their and create THEIR reality, not yours. Create your own and leave them out of it for now.

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Alice says:

        That is very wise. I’ve done that in the past. “loose lips sink ships” as the old witches motto regarding spells.
        If you don’t have 100% confidence best not to test that with the doubts of others getting into all the cracks in your mind.

        Well I’m surrounded by unhappy extremely hard working people. My father works 7 days a week and is past retirement age but can’t afford to retire so he works himself to the bone.
        My grandparents had a maximum of 3 jobs in their lives that they did full time until they didn’t have the health to work anymore and after that they did charity work part time.
        All my brothers are in business, investments and 9-5 work and two are executives. My ex worked in a cube 8-5 and everyone around me calls me a bum.

        The result being I lost my dreams but also reality. I’m not living the dream but I’m not working like that either. Just another limbo I’m in.
        Every exchange we have it become apparent I contradict myself.

        • Avatar Alice says:

          * oh and we think we’re rebels but in fact most people care about what other people think to the point of ruining their life. It’s hard to admit in a society of attitudes i.e. “I don’t give a flying eff what people think of me!” but deep down they care the most.

        • You’re in a period of transition. That’s all. And when you find your way, your family will be astounded at how well you’re doing. Don’t expect them to see it before you do. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Wonderful post, Melody! There is a true difference between being motivated and inspired. When you are inspired, you are “in spirit” and nothing tops that. You are just flowing and floating. Pretty cool!

    This sentence caught my attention: “Well, theoretically, one could argue that if we can truly manipulate energy (and we can), we should be able to just manifest things out of thin air”. Yes, masters have been doing this for millennia. A master can sit in meditation and create an amulet, for example, just by thinking about what he wants. And, this creation comes from a place of abundance, NOT of lack as we have been conditioned to see things. I mean, he brings it about, the universe brings it to him, making it appear, but it does not take away from elsewhere in order to bring it to him. It is a separate creation from all things and this is how it works. Not what we have been conditioned to believe, that in order to have something, you take it from another who will then lack it. This is why there is no competition. This is why you do not need to sacrifice something to the gods in order to get their attention. It is already going on, no need to sacrifice. The universe is abundant, constantly creating and expanding.

  • Avatar Steve says:

    Cool post! Was interested in hearing your take on the teaching I got from Mike Dooley (Infinite Possibilities) which says we should take small baby action steps in the direction of our desired end result. This puts us on the playing field and allows the universe to chime in and work with something.

    This doesn’t mean messing with the hows, but merely getting out there in any direction to get started. It’s got a similar message to this post except the small baby steps don’t seem to have to be inspired. Instead, the inspiration comes more when baby steps are taken while we are declaring to the universe that by taking these baby steps, we are confident we can achieve it. I’m kind of in the middle. I believe inspired action is better, but baby steps don’t seem to do any harm if you don’t believe you need to decide the how on your own. What do you think?

    • Hey Steve,

      I would recommend that approach when you feel stuck. If you can’t decide which way to go, I’d take some baby steps in whatever direction. That will get some energy flowing. It can be a way to set an intention (you make a decision to go into a direction when you take action towards something) as well as create expectation (I have done this and now I will get results).

      So, I would agree that taking action steps can help to move some energy. And by taking baby steps, you’re less likely to trigger massive resistance. It’s a viable approach, but should not replace inspired action. That’s just massively more powerful.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Steve says:

        It does. I think it will make more sense when I get more familiar & comfortable with inspired action though. It’s like I love the idea of inspired action, but it’s uncomfortable still. Probably because I feel less control with it or like I’m not sure if I’m sometimes procrastinating or waiting for the action. Is it right to just focus on the feeling of the action to determine if it’s inspired?

        • That’s entirely normal, Steve. We are so conditioned to “make” things happen, that our minds get nervous when we take the more passive (but not really), energy aligning approach. It takes time to learn to trust the process.

          Yes, figuring how how action feels will help you determine if it’s inspired. If it feels like obligation, it’s not quite aligned. If you get tense and tired while doing it (tired as in exhausted, not the good kind of tired that comes from playing), you’re not aligned. The best way to learn to do this is to experiment. Take some action. See how it feels. Adjust. Rinse and repeat. You’re not going to be perfect at this right away. It’s a bit like learning to play an instrument. It takes a bit of practice and finesse. Keep at it. It will get easier and much faster than you might think possible. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Nay says:

    So when do you stop waiting for inspiration and realize maybe you need to see if your blocking inspiration, or maybe just need to change what you think you want. For example, you believe you have figured out what you want to do. You are excited, more than ready and willing, and you feel revved up and ready to go. vroom vrroooom vrrroooom!
    But when you try to start…ummmmm, nothing. All the ideas, thoughts excitement just seem to drain. You keep pushing and try to move towards what you want, trying to take steps, and realize, you’re trying way too hard. You know LOA and know inspiration will come when it’s time. So you stop and get back into the feeling of having what you want, and wait for inspiration, because trying to ‘just do it’ doesn’t seem to be working. You do other things, stay happy and wait for inspiration to take you. And you wait…and you wait…and you wait.
    Which brings us back. Do you assume you are blocking/have resistance or do you re-evaluate what you want?

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Or Just keep waiting for inspiration? Should you even put a time frame on it?

    • Great question Nay.

      You evaluate how you feel. Did you find the core of what you want, or are you still focusing on what you think you have to get to get what you TRULY want? How does the desire feel? Does it feel so awesome that you don’t even really care if you get it anymore or not, or does it still feel a bit needy and frustrating?
      Are you too focused on the end goal and not acknowledging other manifestations that are already showing up (like feeling better, ideas, coincidences, etc.)?

      The resistance can be present anywhere in there. But if you are not getting what you want, you have resistance, that’s for sure. Setting the intention to figure it out and KNOWING that you eventually will, goes a long way toward doing so.

      When you’re doing it right, you don’t have to wait long for manifestations – just don’t assume that the end manifestation will show up right away. Look for the milestones, the smaller indicators that show up as the energy is lining up. And make sure that you continue to feel good along the way.

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Nay says:

    This stuff is so great! The core or what you want and what you think you have to do/get in order to get it. That one resonates (haha) A LOT. And then the little bit of need, or more like, this just has to be it… You make this stuff so damn easy to understand.

    Just, thanks!

  • Hi Melody.

    Just found this post of yours and I really agree. When I forced myself to work 2 hours a day in the past doing online marketing on a method that generated a lot of money for the seller, the results were not what I expected.

    I was expecting at least $700 a month. I did earn money but it was nowhere near that. Even though I was doing the visualizations and listening to positive stuff, I was FORCING myself to take action.

    But when I just let go and decided to try this thing they called “trusting your intuition”, the action part came and it wasn’t hard work. I wasn’t frustrated when doing the action part, I was motivated in fact. It felt like something inside me was telling me that I got to do this.

    I’m now able to find and create content for my blog with ease and delight. It’s not hard at all. Also bit by bit, my stats are increasing. A lot more people in many different countries are starting to view my blog.

    I just started blogging on the 4th week of Last October but I feel inspired and joyful because of blogging.

    I think this is what I’m meant to be… a professional blogger and writer. Plus I really love chewing on awesome content like your posts. Blogging is really fun when you follow inspiration brought by your intuition.

    I have a lot more ways to go but I’m enjoying it. Thanks to the Universe for bringing this
    Deliberate Receiving Blog into my reality. I never even knew a popular LoA blog like this existed. I only found this when I followed my inspiration.

    So, thank you Melody for creating a blog. I also read that you’re an Abraham-Hicks fan and I was also a fan of them but their method of manifesting didn’t fit me.

    Their metaphors and their teachings are great, but I think writing goals and hypnotherapy are the things that fit me. I’m also planning to get into 12 Strand DNA Activation.

    I want to release these limiting beliefs of mine so that I can achieve and manifest money a lot faster.

    So that’s that and thank you. Cheers.


    P.S. Proofreading and editing are a breeze with inspired action. In the past, I would experience extreme stress when doing those stuff. Now, It’s just a real, easy breeze. (:

    • Hey Fonzy,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience here! It is such a joy to “work” when inspired, isn’t it? I saw another blogger ask on FB the other day how long it took people to write a post. Many said that it takes 5-6 hours. Sometimes longer. I can write a 2.500 word post in an hour and it needs little editing. HOWEVER, I only write when I’m inspired. If the energy doesn’t flow, it’s like pulling teeth. I don’t write then. That’s why I can publish these long posts three times a week. I don’t mind it, I love it. πŸ™‚

      Keep on being inspired.

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Isis says:

    Melody hello πŸ™‚
    great post..
    i have one question thats bothering me big time..i am learning myself to trust my intuitions and let it guide me..but what if u get to take an inspired action and later after few days/months you dont feel its right, in my case i made a major decision abt my career.. i quit my job and had enormous inspiration coming and then took an action that felt awesome, like on top the world.i got things ready and when the big date was coming soon to start my new business, it all of a sudden felt boring , uninspired..i had all forms of fears and my reality started showing the i just halted everything for a while and waited how do i trust my intuition..or wer did i go felt awesome good one month and the same idea sucked the next month..whats happening melody..??
    thanks and love
    isis πŸ™‚

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