The Mechanics of Feng Shui published a guest post by yours truly today. The site’s Owner – Salvatore Manzi specializes in helping people implement the Law of Attraction through Feng Shui. I thought I’d break down how Feng Shui actually works to help you attract the life you want.

When I first heard about Feng Shui, years ago, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I’m a pragmatist. I like to take things apart and figure out how they work. Could we really improve our lives by moving around some furniture? It seemed unlikely. But as I’ve gotten a deeper and deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, metaphysics and Universal laws, I’ve come to realize that there are many ways to shift and manipulate energy. “Moving around a bit of furniture” absolutely has the power to change your life. Here’s how:

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  • Avatar Mary Carol says:

    Hey Melody,

    Bet you thought nobody else would ever read this post. Ha! Here I am, and I’m about to use the information. I’ve seen a feng shui expert literally transform a space from masculine to feminine. It was amazing. A couple of white tablecloths, a few flowers, and voila!

    I’ve felt here in Mexico that I need to live with more wood. Everything is concrete, and I’m used to living in a wood house with wood floors. Maybe that’s part of why I started sculpting in wood, to bring more of it into my life.

    Anyway, I’m having a Debby-downer day. Yuk, crap, and all that. I made the mistake of meditating with a group this morning, and I can’t shake the negative emotions. I know I need to work on my version of the sadness and malaise, but right now, I don’t want to! Hee hee – the problem is the problem… So it’s time for incense, a comfy chair, and a distracting book – go feng shui. Bring me up!!!

    Hugs. Thanks for being here with a blog post when I need to read something uplifting!

    Mary Carol

    • LOL Mary Carol. Of course people will read the post! Anyone who needs it will find it. πŸ™‚

      I totally get what you mean. Here in Spain, floors are usually made of tile. I put a parquet floor into my rental apartment, painted it, decorated with lots of fabric and rugs, and made it “warmer”. Most of my furniture is made of light wood. Traditionally, the Spanish decor is very “cold” as far as I’m concerned – literally. They built everything to deal with the heat, which is great in August, but not so great the rest of the year (I have a theory that it used to be a lot warmer here…) How we furnish our living spaces has a huge impact on how those spaces feel to us and how they support us. I’ve never had the place professionally Feng-Shui’d, though. That would be interesting, although my apartment isn’t all that big, so the options are limited.

      I’m still having energy fluctuations, as well. But they’re getting better. I’m acclimating to the new level. Hang in there!

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Howdy on a deserted post! AH-HA!

    Ah Feng Shui! Just like spells and all that, this resonates with me. You know I’ve been in a low state for a long time so I’m not up to trusting my own power.

    One day I’ll be like you generating my own fuel.

    For now I believe in others coaching me, others casting spells, the environment influencing me.
    Basically being all sad and lazy and wanting SOMEONE ELSE or SOMETHING else to do the heavy lifting for this tired soul. πŸ™‚
    It’s so good to see that not a bad thing. After all I do intend to lift my own weight when I have the (positive)energy to do so!
    And I have done when I feel good. It happens naturally. (ohh feel the guilt/discord there!)

    Sooo feng shui… Well I’ve looked into that before and it seems my huge megabeliefs about poverty/hopelessness get in the way.
    I have an idea in my head about how I want the place to look like and then “oooh it’s too expensive.”
    Because I’m missing curtains, and used crates as tables…. so I’m like well I’d need to get better first and get a job…
    Then I could feng-shui my house…. Which is rather stupid seeing at that point I wouldn’t need it….

    The same with any other beneficial thing. Well I’d have to pay money.**** I have the belief that you can’t get money without working.**** (Is that a false belief???) dun, dun dun:
    I’m having a “Dear LOA” moment… Can we get money without working? (and I mean nothing, not even online. You-are-unemployed. Also not off someone else, or a bad manifestation like credit card debt etc…)

    I have the further belief that I can’t work without good health. (proven right over years of bullying, bad luck, crap jobs, quitting and firing)

    Then the further megabelief that you can’t get healthy without being happy.

    AND THEN you can’t be happy while you are sick, broke, friendless etc Or something like that.
    Well I think you can be happy…but then those things will drag you down.

    So I backed myself into a wall, forever and ever. UNTIL I MOVED THE SOFA! πŸ™‚

    But seriously, do you have photos of your house? What does a harmonious persons’ environment look like?

    Can you feng shui with no money? The look/lack in my house does bother me. What I do have is cluttered.
    What I don’t is just empty or broken.

    • Avatar Alice says:

      One other thing is I still have furniture from my childhood… haven’t had the cash to replace it.
      I considered smashing it with an axe, as I really hate it, how it looks, what it reminds me of…

      But then I’d have no where to put my stuff. So I just leave it there hating it’s existence in my house.

      And I think that’s prolly no good for me…. Common sense and all! Should I just smash it and chuck my stuff out?

    • Hey alice,

      I’m no Feng Shui expert, so I can’t tell you any details about how to actually arrange your furniture. But yes, you can create a better feeling environment without a lot of money. You can get some cheap paint and paint your furniture. Or, you can rearrange (free), clean (free) and organize your home. If you create space (get rid of clutter) and arrange the furniture so that it feels better to you, that would already help. Do this when you feel good, so that the space you create will reflect a higher vibration, which will then help to support you when you’re not feeling so good.

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Great idea about doing it in a good mood.

        What should I do about not being able to afford a place for my stuff though? Surely poor vibes attract more poor vibes?

        Are you feeling sad?

        • There are free solutions. When I was a student, I’d get furniture off the street and fix it up a bit, or use shoe boxes (I’m a bit of an organizational freak. I like things tidy, so shoe boxes made into shelves worked well for me. All those compartments.) You can stack books in a creative way. You re-purpose crates or large cardboard boxes (often available for free behind shops and restaurants) and make shelves out of them. Use your imagination. There’s so much that can be done.

          No, I’m not sad. I’m actually feeling quite wonderful today. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

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