How We Co-Create Our Reality With Others (Article)

We create our reality through the vibrations we send out. These vibrations are a result of the thoughts we think and focus on. The vibrations attract others like it (this is the Law of Attraction at work), until enough energy has been gathered to bring it into the physical. This process is fully explained in the e-book Deliberate Receiving (now Seven Steps of Manifestation), which you can download for free on this site. But if we create everything in our reality, all of it, where do other people come in? Can we control others with our vibration? How does it all really work?

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  • Avatar Sameer says:

    Hey Awesome Melody @>–

    This is incredible. You are true Master of LOA. A big salute to the Lady Melody!

    This post is one of the most powerful posts of yours. Thank you so much Melody 😀

    Huge Hugs & Love,

  • Avatar anny says:

    Hello Melody,

    I had not seen this one yet. What a fabulous post. The material is not new to me but you know how to explain it so clearly.

    I have certainly experienced that this is true and that I am not a victim of family members who do not understand me. By changing my attitude and my vibration the relationship also changed. It also helped to become more aware of myself and what I project.



    • Thanks Anny,

      It’s so amazing when we make a change to our vibration and we realize that others around us are actually reflecting that change. What power! That’s the change that really helps us to feel empowered in our journey. Yes, we have to take responsibility for our reality, but when you feel the power to change that, it’s not scary. It gets exciting and fun. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Stephanie says:

    So I met this guy and he is just fantastic, and we really just clicked right from the beginning and we’ve been dating for two years now. So I guess we’re a vibrational match. But what if he stops being a vibrational match to me or me to him? This has been worrying me ever since I read this post. I get that he is his own person and whether or not he stays a vibrational match to me is out of my hands. But is there anyway of making sure we stay a vibrational match to each other?

  • Avatar Marco says:

    Id like to know if its possible to create a reality where something bad happens to you. Like if you focus all your mind and thoughts on something bad that will happen to you will it happen? something as far as dying for example or getting ill. Id appreciate an answer, thank you

  • Avatar toni says:

    I am of the understanding that people will only treat you how you allow them to treat you. So now I understand how this works together.

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