Tapping into Universal Knowledge (Article)

Some people call it channeling. When you hear that word, you might imagine a person draped in scarves, sitting in a dimly lit room, going into a trance and then beginning to speak in a deep, mysterious voice. You might think it’s bogus, or you might think it’s miraculous. I don’t think it’s either. I believe that what many call channeling, which usually means going into trance, is simply one of many ways to tune into and access the pool of Universal Knowledge. This is just like tuning into any other frequency. We all have the ability to access this information, and in fact, do so every day without even realizing it. But you can learn to deliberately tap into Universal Knowledge whenever you choose to.

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  • Avatar Sameer says:

    Hey Melody,

    It was full of LOA infoโ€ฆ A bit difficult to understand.

    Whenever I donโ€™t understand anything on your web I take a break (from few minutes to few days) and again come back to read it after which I connect with it. I believe I have to do that with his article too.

    I understood the overall picture of this article but, I donโ€™t want to miss a single word.

    Thank you so much for the deep knowledge about LOA.

    Huge Hugs,

    • Hey Sameer,

      Wow. You’re really working your way through the archives, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚
      Don’t worry too much about this. You will understand exactly what you need to at just the right time. You don’t have to force it. Sit with it for a bit and I’m sure it will sink in. These are very complex LOA concepts. It took me years to figure this out. So if you need a couple of days, that’s not too bad, he, he.

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Sameer says:

    Thanks Super Lady!

    I wish all the school teachers should have some or other quality of yours. Students Life will be peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Huge Hugs,

  • Avatar Gemma says:

    Hey there Melody Fletcher I loved your informative blog post on Tapping into Universal Knowledge (Article). I really enjoy reading your blog. Great information!

  • Avatar Bharath says:

    Hey Melody,

    I am really glad that you have written this article and i know from my personal experience that every word in this article is so very authentic. Can you please point me to more related articles.


    ~ Step into the bigger mind

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