How to Find Your Life Purpose (Article)

Most of us who are on a spiritual path (and if you’re reading this, you most certainly are), begin our journey because we’ve figured out that there must be more to life than paying rent and washing dishes. Maybe we’re in dire straits and figure there must be a better way. Or maybe we have everything we could want, on paper anyway, but still feel empty inside. We have this inkling that we’re here for a reason, and if we can only find that reason, our life purpose, we’ll finally find fulfillment and happiness.

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  • Avatar may says:

    There was a time in my life when I felt this way; living without a purpose. I was thinking why am I here in this miserable world, and what will I do with my life. I Didn’t know what’s the reason for me to go on, I was so confused.
    It’s natural to feel this way sometimes. You just have to find the real meaning of life, then you would realize the reason of your existence.

    • Thanks so much for sharing that May. I’m so glad you’ve figured it out for yourself. Once you find out who you really are and align with that, nothing can stop you. 🙂


  • Avatar Sameer says:

    Dear Melody,

    I read this post once again today. This reminded me few more things clearly as to what my purpose is and how to find happiness.

    I had few questions related to my purpose in life but, you answered all of them in one go in this post. You amaze as usual with your insight and writing style.

    Keep Rocking!

    Love & Hugs,

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